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Judging by the last post on the forum, I have some questions, namely:
We are returning to the era of interlude with endless kiting and the predominance of range classes, taking into account the working trigger from CC on archer classes, the predominance will be on their side.
What about the Olympics? In fact, the warrior classes were castrated and this suggests that very good kiting classes will have a huge advantage at the Olympics, which already introduces a strong imbalance in the game, classes that kite well are already very strong in the conditions of the Olympics, but here it turns out that they are even more strengthened , due to the almost complete removal of the ability to reach them. All this can be solved by reworking the Olympus arenas; it can bring back not the IT arena, of course, but at least the GF. Although the best idea, of course, is to simply remove such huge cooldowns on the Rush and Rush Impact skills. I can’t help but think that 65% of the server will consist of archers, 15% tanks and supports, 15% fans of mages and summoners, and only 5% fans of their classes.
This is very sad :c
People who don’t even know how to play archer classes will still take them, and even with a bad buff and a disgusting kite skill they will still be strong. Because of such rebalancing in general, not specifically for archers and warriors, but in general, people forget about the true skill of playing their classes and actually abuse imbalanced ones.
We will, of course, see what happens in the BETA TEST, but please, we will obviously need feedback, because… Judging by what I read on the forum, there will be no balance.
Just remember the times of the interlude, 1 party of archers killed clans and it was also almost impossible to get to them unless you surrounded them, and then the boost from CC \TOSH \app had a huge range of attacks and it was impossible to catch up.
1 party of archers will be destroyed by clans in sieges, epics and PvP zones.

Yo P.S…
Regarding the Duelist class, is it possible to strengthen the blaster rather than the DSS?
The fact is that DSS is used extremely rarely, because has a very low skill power and consumes too much focus; in fact, the skill doesn’t even fit into one combination for burst damage. Perhaps some novice duelist uses it all the time, but in this case he probably asks the question “why does this duelist have damage, but I don’t?”
This skill is a very cruel joke from NCsoft and really only works in pvp at early levels.

Thank you for bringing this up!

You’re possibly underestimating the buffs warriors received.
Warriors are unbelievably strong, especially in the Olympiad due to their explosive damage and high defensive stats.

This one provides stable DPS.

We buffed the Highest burst damage skill by 50%, that’s INCREDIBLE strong, and it’s more likely to be nerfed than buffed.

This one plays the role of a filler skill, since we increased the reuse of TSS

Also this is an other strong change, considering it’s half time now, you can use Sonic Dash mid fight, and you won’t lose much compared to PRE-change Sonic Focus.

My recommendation would be to play around your Dash and your Rush cool-downs.

We tested the changes with out AI, but also by ourselves.
We’ll have a close look especially to warriors since we might have to adjust their damage in exchange for mobility.

Thank you again!
Best regards

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I assessed everything very correctly and am telling you not that the enhancements are weak, but that TSS is not included in one adequate combination of a duelist, because consumes 3 charges instead of 2 as on a blaster and therefore almost completely breaks the standard combinations of this class, which is why I asked to remove the boost from this skill and give the boost specifically to the blaster.
Further, the fact is that despite the really significant enhancements to melee skills, you forget that you actually removed the mobility of warrior classes, and at the start, most likely, as I already said, there will be 70% of ranged classes whose attack range is greater than ranged abilities of warriors + castration of mobility = inability to catch up with an opponent = death while running. It turns out that if I don’t destroy the enemy in 1 burst, I will never kill him, because… I simply won’t have the opportunity to get close to him.
We all know the Aeron\Royal\Skirmish series of servers - resistance to mental attacks almost never worked adequately here, which means rooting, sleep and similar “pooping” will happen quite often and at the Olympics it will be almost impossible to reach your opponent, but now tell me Me, how big is the actual increase in miles for warriors if it is almost impossible to get to the opponent?
Again, this is how I see the concept right now, maybe things will be different in Beta. Based on my gaming experience, I drew this picture for myself and without seeing Beta, I cannot say unequivocally that everything will be exactly like this, but judging by the description, everything will be exactly like this.
I’m not trying to hate the project and teach you how to work, I’m just expressing my thoughts regarding the information provided on the forum.
We will definitely test all possible aspects and I will personally express my thoughts on the forum regarding the changes and the possibility of adjusting them.

let’s wait for the beta, test more and see!