AI Power

A bit about AI. As I mentioned earlier I appreciate the work put into advancing the AI Players. Although it is no revolution, as many servers use this type of bots, yours are just more advanced.

I have a few questions about AI difficulty levels:

  1. What is the difference between Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty levels? Is it just about more complex macros or do they have boosted stats/items?

  2. What will be the ratio of Easy/Medium/Hard AI on PvP Zone depend on?

  3. At the beginning of the server probably people will not have max items, so the question is how much the AI stats will be boosted. I’m afraid this will lead to a situation where people starting on the server won’t be able to kill any AI, especially the Hard ones, which will discourage them from playing more than an empty zone.

I further believe that the introduction of AI Players introduces more problems than benefits.


Thank you for bringing this up!

  • Easy difficulty will have the minimum gear, +16, no olf, no talismans, no exalted jewels.
    Their gameplay is super basic and they don’t know advanced tricks like the Medium and Hard, also their positioning and reaction time isn’t that great.

  • The Medium difficulty have a better gear, +20, olf, no talismans, no exalted jewels.
    Their gameplay and position and reaction time is way better than the Easy, they’ll use a lot of tricks and tactics but they don’t know every trick out there.

  • The Hard difficulty got Max gear, everything you can get!
    +20, olf, Exalted jewels, Hero Weapons, talismans.
    Their gameplay and position is the maximum we can provide for now. They know absolutely every trick and they have crazy good reaction time. Some of them are really scary.

The ratio for now is 70% easy, 20% medium and 10% hard,
We want our players to have an easy time facing our AI, but also to not get bored.

We’ll change those numbers if needed, based on the feedback we’ll receive during our Beta server!

EDIT: The AI players will have in their name “AI_” so players won’t confuse them with real players!

Thank you again!
Best regards