Archers (Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel, Trickster)

Greetings, dear friends

Archers in Lineage 2 have always been known to be classes that do huge damage with critical hits and are squishy. Unfortunately, with every update since Interlude where they were dominant, their damage has been reduced (Bow autoattack damage depending on range, Song of Wind Storm, Chant of Protection, Counter Critical, etc). Doombringer (archer counter class) was added, and on top of that, Rush and Rush Impact was added on all warriors, which made it possible for warriors to completely counter archers.

In High Five, we’ve reached the point where archers can not solo due to all warriors having Rush, and archer parties with Trickster (Real Target) and Shillien Templar (Spirit of Shilen) is required for them to be viable because without them they have no damage. They are not weak in a good party, but we believe more in the Interlude style of archer gameplay, where less effort is required for good damage output.

There’s not many archer changes on archers themselves, it’s more that other classes have been changed in order to let archers be viable again without full support. Rush has a high reuse, Spirit of Shilen is situational, Real Target no longer gives as much of a big boost to Bow damage, etc.


skill0484skill0793 Rush Changes: Warriors (Duelist, Dreadnought, Grand Khavatari, Titan, Doombringer)

  • Rush and Rush Impact Reuse increased

image Spirit of Shilen: Tanks (Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva Templar, Shillien Templar)

  • Similar damage boost, but is now a situational buff because Chain Heal no longer ignores -80% HP healing

skill1542 Counter Critical: General Gameplay Changes

  • Critical Damage Resist and trigger Critical Damage decreased. Additionally, the trigger works with ranged weapons too, so it’s an archer boost!

skill0764 Song of Wind Storm: General Gameplay Changes

  • Increased Crossbow resist from 5% to 10% (same as Bow)

skill0004 Speed limit General Gameplay Changes

  • Increased from 250 to 300

skill0112 Deflect Arrow Tanks (Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva Templar, Shillien Templar)

  • Bow resist is now the same as Crossbow resist (40% → 20%)
    This helps archers to not be countered so hard against Tanks, same values as Trickster

skill0522 Real Target: see below

  • Bow resist decreased

Archer Triggers

We have made all archer triggers 15s duration, and most of them trigger when attacking instead of when receiving damage. We have also reworked the useless archer triggers (Counter Mind, Counter Chance), increasing the viability of Sagittarius, and specially of Ghost Sentinel

skill0534 Counter Dash (Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel)

  • Duration 60s → 15s

skill0533 Counter Rapid Shot (Moonlight Sentinel)

  • Duration 60s → 15s
  • Now triggers when attacking, not when receiving damage

skill0535 Counter Mind (Sagittarius, Ghost Sentinel)

  • Now triggers when attacking, not when receiving damage
  • Is now a party buff
    • 15s duration
    • -10% Arrow reuse (Quick Recovery SA)

skill0532 Counter Chance

  • Now triggers when attacking, not when receiving damage
  • Is now a party buff
    • 15s duration
    • +10% P.Atk

Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel

skill0101 Stun Shot

  • Increased chance

skill0343 Lethal Shot

  • Increased chance for CP Lethal
  • Increased damage by 75%

image Sixth Sense

  • Added to Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel
  • Added light armor requirement


skill1470 Prahnah

  • Added: -30% Speed, -80% M.Atk
    We have added a Speed and M.Atk nerf to Prahnah so it’s not viable for kiting, and because we believe Trickster shouldn’t be in a Mage party

skill0522 Real Target:

  • Bow resist decrease -24% → -6%
    This helps archers not rely on Tricksters in their party, but still benefit when there are

skill0622 Ultimate Escape

  • Duration from 20s to 30s

We understand there’s many underwhelming skills left that could be reworked to make archers even more fun (such as Trap skills of Trickster, or most archer physical skills), but first we want archers to be viable in PvP, and later we can refine their gameplay and make them even more fun!

These are our archer changes, we hope you like them!

Thank you for reading! :heart:



skill0622 Ultimate Escape

  • Duration from 20s to 30s