Greetings, dear friends

Most Augment skills when left retail have really bad stats and only a few are usable and wanted. We want as many as possible to be viable so you can have as much fun as possible with this system. We have reworked Augments so that they are all at least somewhat usable for endgame PvP content. We have also nerfed some hard debuffs from Augments that were being abused.

Augment Changes

  • All Augment skills (Item Skill: X) that are level 10 are considered endgame content and have Magic Level 85, instead of 75. This increases the chance for debuffs to land, and how hard it is for Cancel and Steal effects to remove the buff.
  • All Silence, Doom, Paralyze, Medusa debuffs last a maximum of 10 seconds
  • All Augments have static reuse

Changes to Stat Augments (Active, Passive, Chance)

Augments that have skills that give stats have been reworked because they were very underwhelming. For example, Item Skill: Empower was giving 50 M.Atk at lvl 10, which is useless. We have reworked these underwhelming Augments to give better stats. There is no difference in stats from Active, Passive, and Chance augments, they are all giving the same amount (but you can stack them multiple times!).

Some Augments stats were fine already, for example: Accuracy (+4), Evasion (+4), Duel (+5% PvP Damage), and so on. These have not been changed. What follows is the list of the ones that were changed:

image image image

Item Skill: Might

  • P.Atk +3%

Item Skill: Empower

  • M.Atk +6%

Item Skill: Shield

  • P.Def +3%

Item Skill: Magic Barrier

  • M.Def +3%

Item Skill: Heal Empower

  • Healing power +5%

Item Skill: Focus

  • Crit Rate +35

We have had parts of this system running for a very long time since Aeron, Devil, and Skirmish. We have combined all of them now for the best effect and we hope that you will like the PvP experience with our reworked Augments.

Thank you for supporting us! :heart: