I read some balance changes and honestly came to some horror. With such changes, I don’t see any point in playing on someone other than Archer \ magicians \ summoners or daggers. At the same time, things are much worse at the Olympics, because there the dominant side will be daggers, supports and summoners. The server will consist of almost 100% of summoners, archers and Doombringer. In rare exceptions, it will be possible to see something like Duelists, Daggers, titans. GK - actually destroyed as a game class, the balance of tanks is questionable (it is necessary to test), the glades are good spam, but what’s the point if you just can’t approach your opponent because of the Rush or Rush Impact cooldown, and if your opponent is an archer or dagger, then in increasing pvp damage from shh It doesn’t make much sense, because even if you can come up, you probably won’t even be able to get into the OP. As an avid duelist player, I am very saddened by this. I don’t necessarily need Macro Glitch to reveal the class. But now I really see that classes such as duelist and GK will simply be irrelevant in mass pvp, because in order to hit an opponent with at least a long-range skill, you need to approach a shorter distance than the attack of the same magician, I’m not talking about an archer. By that time, no matter how fat glad or GK is, he simply will not survive the damage from 1-2 parties in 1 target. It’s really funny. How to perform on Olympus, if you just can’t catch up with anyone, then you will receive a huge amount of damage, judging by the changes. Well, of course I will come in and try to test everything, but most likely it will be a dead project, as at the previous opening. People will come to the OBT and just not come back after the opening.

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I agree with you. I remember that in Aeron, there were parties for Duelists and GK. They appeared dominant in PvP. Most of the races seemed to excel in PvP solo, and everything was balanced. I’m talking about the balance when the server closed because someone managed to multiply their DC (Donation Coins). It would be a very good server, and a lot of people would come back to play, to relive those times :slight_smile:

They were very strong in pvp 1 on 1 and a good average in mass pvp, because GK was very fat, and the duelist could inflict very good mass damage, but now, the duelist and GK will also not be bad in pvp 1 on 1, but only with melee classes, because the opportunity will get closer the goal was actually taken away from them. At the same time, in the mass PVP, these will be one of the weakest classes, because they will not even have enough Move Speed to strike at least 1 blow and all PVP, like siege, or TVT events, they will be forced to simply stand behind their allies. It’s sad.

I hope every class have a good balance! Let’s wait for it:)

It still seems to me that the PVP balance will outweigh in the direction of distant classes. The balance of Olympus will try exactly.

Greetings, dear friends

Since we’ve changed a ton of things, we of course don’t know exactly what the balance will look like, but we have a good idea of how we want it to be.

As a general note, we like to prioritize damage over debuffs and healing, as we want a fast action-paced PvP. All classes are useful if they can burst down others before dying to 38 people focusing on them.

We will keep improving it based on our own experience and your feedback. Whatever problems appear, we’ll fix them. We want all the fun classes viable, just like you.

Thank you! :heart: