Make cancel/steal divinity/insane crusher,touch of death remove random buffs and not the last 5-3 buffs.
And when a target is stunned and you stun again target gets unstunned,remove that and while on stun make not possible to be stunned again so its not perma stunned



Even in retail the cancel is not completely random. I think it will create a confusion and make it really annoying for the players if we make cancelation buffs completely random.

About the stun you refer to the archer stun, right?

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Well about cancel,it should be some last buffs and some random,couse all ppl just put some last song/dance useless and cancel looses its purpose and only way cancel to be usefull is with cancel mage pt,about stun,all stuns gives the same result even rush from db or wl stuns,while target stunned u cant use same stun couse that will unstun target

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Totally agree with @Rhino. Since u change many skills I see no objections to change cancel to remove random buffs instead of predefined. This will make cancel-classes more powerful, so there should be some downsides to caster too (for example longer reuse).

In my opinion, stun & cancel changes are not high priority and if they are difficult to implement they can be done later.


One change I always loved the idea of for PvP Servers is for Cancel to work only on non-NPC buffer buffs. So Cancel would remove Spirit of Shilen, War Cry, Enlightenment, but not Song of Warding. This way cancel parties are not overpowered when stacked (leaving you buffless) and there’s still utility in Cancel, removing your strongest buffs.

I think Stun is not an issue and I don’t see much benefit in reworking it because it generally has a low chance and is easy to remove when receiving damage, so I wouldn’t change it.

Friend, I do not know on which servers you have played all your life, but I can tell you exactly how cancellation and steal work on PTS servers (PTS is the platform on which the official Lineage 2 HF servers stood at the best of times). While you have more than 5 buffs hanging on you, only the last ones are canceled in order, there are also resists that reduce the number and chance of cancellation up to 0. For example, Angelic Icon and Touch of Life in PK. This cannot be ignored. Regarding stunning, it should be updated in case of passing, this is the point for people to protect themselves with resists at the same Olympiad, otherwise the meaning of playing for the standing classes is lost. And with regard to the fact that the camp can be knocked down by the camp, yes, this is nonsense, in case of repeated stunning of an already stunned enemy, the stun is either not reset, or the duration of the action is updated. It is not necessary to customize the mechanics of the game, there are a lot of such servers, people want a classic and really pleasant gameplay on a high reit.

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I completely forgot, if there are 5 or fewer buffs on the character, then the cancellation becomes random, but the number of canceled buffs decreases to 3 units.

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