Changes to Castle Sieges

Greetings, dear friends

More PvP action is better, right? That’s why we have weekly Castle Sieges, taking place every Sunday at 16:00 and 20:00!

Castle Sieges - Get Ready for Weekly Mass PvP!

Deleted NPC Guards

We’ve removed all NPC Guards because they caused FPS lag and were also really annoying to deal with. Now, it’s all about PvP action.

Reinforced Castle Defenses

Defending your castle should be a viable option, and we’ve made it so. We’ve significantly increased the HP of walls and doors, making them a formidable obstacle for attackers. No more easy sniping; you’ll have to put in the effort to breach those defenses.

Reinforced Respawn Crystals

Respawn Crystals are now harder to kill. As you all know, when destroyed, they increase the respawn time for defenders. So, attackers, if you want to gain an advantage, make sure to take these crystals down. Defenders, protect them at all costs!

Dangerous Traps

Many of you may not know this, but Castles have traps, which are special zones on the ground. You may not know this because they have always been really bad, so bad they were unnoticeable. The traps within the castles have been upgraded. They deal increased damage and have a very powerful slow, so you really don’t want to stay on top of them. However, we’ve made sure that passing through them is not a problem. Just remember, if PvP starts while you’re on these traps, the damage of traps can quickly become a real threat!

Adding more Castles with Online

To keep the action fresh and intense, we’re starting with two of the nine Castles in the game available for Siege: Aden and Rune. But here’s the exciting part - as our online player count increases, we’ll be expanding the list of siegeable Castles on a weekly basis. This ensures that every Castle will always be full of PvP action!

Redesigned Residence Skills

We’ve reworked the Residence skills, the passive bonuses that castles provide when you own them. Now all castles offer useful and viable skills.

Are you ready to conquer the castles, defend against invaders, and experience Lineage 2 sieges like never before? Join us every Sunday and let the Mass PvP battles begin!

Thank you for reading! :heart: