Changes to Epic Raids

Greetings, dear friends.

We’ve made some changes to our Epic Raids that we believe will be amazing for the PvP experience of the server. :star2:

Epic Raids Upgraded

All Epic Raids and their minions have been upgraded for endgame PvE/PvP. They are now level 85, with reworked stats and skills that truly make battles against them meaningful and engaging.

No Quests Required

To join the fight for Epic Raids, you no longer need to worry about completing any quests. Everyone is welcome to battle for Epic Raids - just teleport to the closest zone and find your way to the Epic Raid!

PvP Zone

The entire area from the nearest teleports to the Epic Raid zone has been transformed into a PvP Zone. Start the PvP right away, and get additional PvP Rewards when killing enemies. In this zone, there are no penalties for killing innocent players - no one is innocent when trying to kill an Epic Raid :smirk:

Epic Access NPC

To enter the Epic Raid zone, your Party, Clan, or Alliance must conquer the Epic Access NPC. This is achieved simply by standing near it for a specific duration without enemies contesting it. If there are enemy players nearby, your progress will stop, and teleporting into the Epic Raid zone won’t be an option. This mechanic can be used to stop others from entering the Epic Raid zone, by staying with the Epic Access NPC and denying other players entry… but you can only do that while you are alive. :skull:

Removed monsters

We’ve removed all the monsters in all zones, leaving only the essential direct minions of Epic Raids. These minions are noticeably strong in battles and form part of the Epic Raid experience.

Aqua Crystals and Epic Fragments

Low-level drops from Epic Raids have been removed. Instead, they now drop valuable Aqua Crystals and Epic Fragments. Additionally, everyone who participates in PvP battles also receives Epic Fragments. These Epic Fragments can be used to buy Exalted Jewels, an upgraded version of Epic Jewels.

Adena Spawn Mechanism

Epic Raids’ spawn mechanics are no longer static or time-based. They depend on the overall server activity measured by new Adena generated, which combines both PvP and PvE. A highly active server generates more new Adena, leading to frequent Epic Raid spawns. While multiple Epics can spawn daily, only one spawns at a time, ensuring there’s always focused PvP action.

Adena Progress and Public Impact

The Adena progress for spawning the next Epic Raid is transparent and public. You can actively contribute to it by donating Adena to reach the limit for an Epic Raid to spawn. It’s an innovative system that aims to keep the server dynamic and engaging. With more players active, more adena is generated, and more Epic Raids will be spawning! You’ll also never run out of things to do with Adena :partying_face:

Two Categories of Epic Raids

We’ve categorized Epic Raids into two groups:

Big Epics

  • Valakas
  • Antharas
  • Baium
  • Frintezza
  • Freya
  • Tiat
  • Queen Ant
  • Beleth

Small Epics

  • Anakim
  • Lilith
  • Zaken
  • Orfen

Small Epics are more likely to be selected for spawning next, requiring less Adena to trigger. However, their rewards are proportionally smaller. Big Epics, on the other hand, are the ultimate challenge and demand significant Adena investments, which not every clan will have. When Big Epic Raids are spawning, it’s better to wait and allow the Adena generated over time to advance the progress. We hope the Big Epic Raids will provide amazing Mass PvP battles with tons of rewards!

We can’t wait to see you in action!

Thank you for reading! :heart: