Copy can't be better than original

Hello guys,once again.
I was thinking may days to touch this object and since you gave me this oppurtunity,
i want share my opinion,as a casual l2 player,who still plays after 10+years 2-3 hours daily.
I’m really sick of lineage 2 admins,since many years.
Greedy and scammers,is the least i can say!
I’m many years on lineage2 scene,specially on high rates due my lack of available time.
I hope i’ll find many old folks who knows 2-3 things deeper about community and admins.
First of all,do you know guys why server opens and re-opens again?
Cause their handless.They have no clue about servers,and how to run a project.
We all tried many servers outhere,we all had complains and reports,and they never fixed a shit.
Do you guys know why? BECAUSE THEY CAN’T!!!
I really hope,there are still out there people that have hope,i’m one of them.
Do you guys know who copyleft and hubris is? They fellows that created this private h5 high rate scene. The files that all shitty admins use,created by those guys. Every single shit.
If your brain works,and have some years on scene,you can see it just by downloading the patch.
I wont say about the sites and features that’s tottaly same :shushing_face: cause they’ll say that i lick you.
I bet you right now,go to most recent h5 pvp server that you download and check the system/animation. Everything says L2AERON.
These guys,l2aqua staff,is the reason that high rate scene still exist.
And finally they are back,so what’s the reason of not supporting these guys?
As tittle says,copy can’t be better than original. NEVER!!
Trust the proccess,and believe me,trust these guys and u won’t be dissapointed,
that’s what “history” has shown.
I’m here to discuss further,as a player since skirmish/aeron/devil servers exists.


Unfortunately, it is true that people who put up private servers have, to put it mildly, little knowledge of files. The more savvy ones are able to edit out the “numbers” in damage or other simple functionalities, but when there is a request a bit more complex it automatically goes into the trash. They simply obtain the ready-made files in a legal or less legal way and making money by donations. If I see donations that are inaccessible to the ordinary player or almost impossible to get then it is automatically clear that the server will be doomed to failure in the nearest future.

In my opinion, a server administrator should have an excellent knowledge of how l2 files work, how they can be modified, how to manage databases - in short, be a programmer at least by passion or have such a person on staff. Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream - we’ll see at the next beta what has been introduced/improved here with respect to the last alpha - I’m positive.


Greetings, dear friends!

Thank you for your passionate support and insightful comments. It’s players like you who inspire us to continuously strive for excellence in the Lineage 2 community.

We’re happy to have you here as we start our work on bringing the High Five scene back to life. With your enthusiasm and our dedication to providing the best possible gaming experience, we’re confident that great things await us. We will adapt to anything that is thrown our way :partying_face:

See you in game, let’s have fun and make history again!

Thank you! :heart: :heart:


It’s not admins fault 100%.
Since community is retarded and keep choosing to play on these scam servers,it’s their fault!
I believe many peoples would do the same things,it’s 2023,everyone is greedy now days.
I don’t have audacity to do the same,because i don’t have the experience and knowledge.
guess what. I’m same with 90% admins out there. they just have audacity.
I just miss those days,who those peoples,getting exposed daily on forums.
Now days,community doesn’t care so much about the owner,and im curious,how is possible
to not giving a fuck about your “free” time.
I could use those 2 or 3 hours that i’m playing daily on different game or different activities.
So,since i spendind my free hours to a game,i care if my “time” is wasted.
I hope that there is still people that love the game and the proccess and i hope they will turn their back on them,that’s how l2community/server will stay alive.
I dont know at all how l2aqua will be,but i’m sure that if things doesn’t goes well,they’ll change them. BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW!!!
Let’s wait for the beta test. Spread the news. I hope i’ll find many GAZ/Forever Alive members.
I’m writings these posts cause i’m really mad about what’s going on many years on scene and it’s not fair,nor for players,nor for admins that know the game perfectly.
Cheers,and good luck


Let’s built a strong community. You are my only hope. :face_holding_back_tears:
Trust the project guys,you wont be dissapointed for sure!


Thank you for trusting in us!

It’s very nice to see people that like our project!
Let’s create a big community and have fun and improve together!
We really appreciate your daily support us so early on!

Thank you again!
See you in game!


well I want to give my opinion


feel free to do it.
That’s the meaning of the post,to share our opinions .


We have tried . Staff will delete or ban if you point the obvious mistakes

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Greetings, dear friend

We are open to constructive criticism and feedback, we are not the same team as before. I’m even in the process of creating a platform for free speech for all L2 players. You won’t get banned for stating your opinion

Cheers! :heart:

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Okay then why you lie about you made the ai first ? Interlude servers using that years now and if we take a look at h5 you ex partner used it already in a bad form and there are ru well known servers that already using it let’s start from this . P.s. hubris pro l2 player ? This guys solution to 5k no sos archers was let bps equips vorpal heavy . He is good dev ? Prolly yea . As a player ? Well …

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Well the truth is,
If your whole party would have made a bet with me and challenge me like your party leader you’d prob all lose and end up Orcs like him.

I have nothing to hide, I just spend a lot of time learning and improving to the point there’s not much left to improve, if you don’t believe my words you can ask people knowing in the Skirmish community like Somik or Scoot, since you probably trust them more than me.

Besides that part, building an AI is different than simply making bots, OUR AI, adapts it’s gameplay based on enemy class to increase it’s winrate, it kites, adapt it’s position and much more.

You can suggest stuff but being salty just for the sake of being salty is different.
If you’re spending time with us anyway, you might use it to improve the conditions of the server instead of just complaining without contributing into anything else.

About the Heavy armor part seems like it’s content you still don’t believe in, even after I explained it to you.
It’s something also Somik, which I believe hes one of the greatest Olympiad players, is using in his Olympiad matches, even with his mage classes.
Maybe he’ll have a better explanation for you and you can adapt it to your gameplay and improve.

For the people that don’t know, for example, let’s say you’re about to receive a really heavy skill like a TSS in Olympiad that will most likely oneshot you, you can switch to vorpal heavy when you’re about to receive the damage and then switch fast back to your original armor decreasing the damage drastically.

I wish you all the best o7
Best regards

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The bet part is long lost since we marked you words about no more wipes .

I am not salty at all if you consider the facts a salty method then tell me so I move on and let you do your things.

Bots remain bots no matter the adaption , you start your server with pure lies that everyone is looking to you , bruh you even made a list of legitimate servers . I could name right now servers that indeed working on their files as you do . Non says you are bad devs we are just tired of your ego

Vorpal heavy consent isn’t exist . Olympiad is a different world than pvp world , 2-3 mana burns your done and if not they your cspeed will let one of your dds die cause you can’t Heal as fast and what if macro glitch or you die middle change of set ? You have half set. I also tried to explain but …

Next subject is the balance. Great idea to make different balance and change classes really bad way of launching. The way you change the balance won’t be tested with closed beta by few people. These people logged to pvp each other apparently , I keep an eye here and I see no suggestion about changes . Either you guys made it perfectly witch I wish or these guys are doing nothing . Making open beta will bring people preparing archers play some random gvgs laugh with some balance glitches if they find and leave . People are not employees are logging for fun . You should find a team and test weeks if not months.

Also one more notice about balance. You made trickster using prannah -80% mattack or something like that in order to stop mages abuse trickster what about if trickster is in a kite party ? Then supports will burn how much ? 20 mana ? As I said nice ideas , lack of people pointing obvious mistakes

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I think you’re a bit confused, the bet that your leader made was if he could beat me in 1v1, well he couldn’t, it was all fun and jokes, but if you’re calling a bad player the one that killed your leader during the bet multiple times with full HP without losing once, yea… you’re kinda disrespecting your leader.

That’s not true sir, We’re way more advanced, we worked over a year with our AI and you will see the effort and hard work when you play with them, also they have the Word AI_ in their names so you don’t confuse them with real players.
I know for a fact that there are Honest servers, but obviously most are not, one of my favorite servers right now which I really like their work is L2Bellion also very cool admins they’re not open yet tho, you might want to check them out if you like custom pride like stuff.
If people want to be added in our Honest list feel free to contact us.

It does exist you just can’t pull it off, the example I used back in the days of cases you can use it, is when you see 3+ archers casting deathshot on you, you stop your cast change to your heavy set for half a second, then you switch back to robe. If you can’t pull it off, that’s on you.

We did test our balance for quite a lot of months, on top of that we’re using the newest model of AI to test with statistics to confirm our decisions. Obviously no balance is perfect, even League of Legends is not balanced, and with every patch the meta is changing. Also we’ll have our eyes in some specific classes that are dangerous for the PvP ecosystem.

You also receive less mana burns since you have increased M.def, if you want to mana burn more, simply remove it. That’s a gameplay option.

Also I know you hold a grudge against us, since we didn’t implement your ideas back in some version.
I also remember that you guys are the ones that started drama multiple times, 2 of I remember is lying about Free items to other leaders to create drama and the second one was soft related, if you remember.

If all you want is drama, I would peacefully ask you to go and look for it somewhere else.
Best regards

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You already taking the old path , so I’ll answer quickly to some and then I’ll let you do your staff .

1v1 specially in l2 is not accurate and need more than 1 fight for sure in order to have some kind of winner

Since you obviously are not that much experienced in group fights I suggest to try your theory or ask other players if that would be possible with facts . To get the timing of switch in deathshots

You are pretty sure as I see about your balance , nice to hear that nice to hear that ! Wish you guys good luck and success, that’s a good bye

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It was multiple rounds if I remember correctly.

I’m very comfortable with the strategy, just like I showed you when you asked me to test it for you in Coliseum. Just keep practicing the timing.

Thank you very much, no hard feelings, just answering to whatever you’re posting.
Best regards!

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Brother, I’m sorry to interrupt, but… what do you hope to gain from causing all this trouble? Is your life really so miserable that you have to come and sabotage the work of a team that’s trying to provide us with a good server? Are you one of those server owners who just want to rob their players, like Leo always does? Is your easy money-making business going to be ruined?

Honestly, I don’t understand, because you’re just provoking the staff team and making them look bad.

There’s a saying that goes, ‘When a person writes/talks, they mess things up.’


No im not owner im a player

There are more servers not just leo server and this. I provide you with no other server if you notice my posts i name no other server but you do so i could assume that for you.

My life is good thanks for asking but i dont get why you confusing real life with a game suggestion . I saw yall like a post above that clearly said people should expose what they find bad theory is good act isnt huh ?

I could start disrespecting them when they try to provoke me by mention other people but this wouldn’t help to point the things i see as wrong .Ive played to their server and it was good . Most of the times server ruined by mistakes they did ( but ofc their intentions were good ) i told multiple times they are great developers no one can deny that. My beliefs may different than most of you , i believe that showing someone the things you believe are mistaken is better than act good or not pointing them at all . If you point them there is place for changes obviously my style is not likeable so ofc i wont do any more suggestions ill wait their final result and then decide if i like to play in or not

I also think it would be better them to focus on fixing things or come with new ideas as they already doing and its great , keep their ego down because ego most of times destroy things and maybe hire some people ( or ask for free assistance) from all categories such as : good oly players , good clan leaders , good party leaders in order to get some valid opinions. Ill repeat this once more players playing open beta are not employees. These people will join to play some random gvgs and if they dislike the balance they won’t play thr live server . Is good ? No if you ask me but thats what they are doing . Im the bad guy of saying things as they are and thats insane

Last ill close with your saying . If you believe it you should use it

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You latest reply is way different than your first one, and that’s good!
To me your first post looked very negative for no reason.

I really appreciate the change please keep it up!
If you have any suggestion feel free to express yourself in a positive way!

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Hey, and welcome!
Thank you very much for defending us, it means a lot!

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