Daggers (Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter)

Greetings, dear friends

Daggers bring an exciting dimension to the game when balanced right. Their gameplay is based on intuitive situations, showcasing player skill through detargets and backstabs. With their bonus damage from attacking targets from behind, we want to highlight the importance of positioning and their role as agile, evasive assassins. If you play as a dagger, high burst damage, evasion, speed, and trickery is what you want, and that’s what we gave daggers.

skill0016 Blow changes

Extra Damage vs Low HP

All Blow skills now deal an additional 0 - 30% damage depending on the target’s HP. At high HP they get little bonus, and at low HP they become deadlier. We believe this helps daggers become assassins, getting the killing blow, focusing low HP targets.

Blow chance calculated instantly

All Blows, including Backstab, now calculate the chance to land on the skill’s start of the casting, not the end. This helps players land blows as other players (and PvP scripts) can’t instantly rotate towards you, making you fail the blow when it ends (~500ms later). Where you start the casting is the positioning and angle where blow chance is calculated.

Blow chance is 100% from behind

We really want to make dagger’s gameplay feel special and unique, and we want to emphasize how positioning yourself at the back of enemies should be rewarded because it requires player skills. We want daggers to hit really hard from behind and to be reliable doing so, this is why we have made all blows have a 100% chance to land when being casted from behind.


Over the years, Blows were reworked to only have CP lethal, and HP lethal was reserved for other skills such as Deadly Roulette. The only Blow to have HP lethal in H5 is Dual Blow, at a 0.1% chance. The HP Lethal original effect is to leave you at 1 HP and 1 CP, so the chance is understandably nerfed since it basically insta-kills you.

We believe the current mechanic is not very fun and the chances are really low, so we added HP lethal back to all Blows, and reworked the HP lethal effect

HP Lethal

Before: Sets your HP and CP to 1
Now: Removes 50% of your current HP, sets CP to 1
Added HP lethal to all skills that have CP lethal, at 10% of the original chance

Dagger skills

skill0030 Backstab

  • Added HP lethal at 1.5% chance
    • (CP lethal at 15% chance)

skill0263 Deadly Blow

  • Added HP lethal at 1.0% chance
    • (CP lethal at 10% chance)

skill0344 Lethal Blow

  • Added HP lethal at 1.5% chance
    • (CP lethal at 15% chance)

image Dual Blow

  • Can be casted with both, 1h or 2h daggers
  • Increased HP lethal from 0.1% to 0.8% chance
    • (CP lethal at 8% chance)

skill0321 Blinding Blow (Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter)

  • Added HP lethal at 0.5% chance
    • (CP lethal at 5% chance)

skill0011 Trick (Adventurer, Ghost Hunter)

  • Increased chance

skill0012 Switch (Adventurer, Wind Rider)

  • Increased chance

skill0821 Shadow Step

  • Reuse 75s → 45s

skill0531 Critical Wound

  • Increased chance

skill0412 Sand Bomb

  • Accuracy -12 → -18
  • Added: -10% P.Atk
  • Single target → 150 range AoE

skill0221 Silent Move

  • New Effect: Hide (Toggle)
    • Can not be casted if there’s enemies in 300 range or less
    • Player gets revealed if any enemy enters 300 range or less
    • MP cost increased

skill0106 Veil (Adventurer, Ghost Hunter)

  • Reuse 5s → 30s
  • Now similar to “Decoy” skill of Trickster
  • Creates a Clone of yourself at your exact position that casts Switch on nearby enemies, the clone NPC lasts 4s


skill0411 Stealth

  • Reuse 4s → 40s
  • Removed all stat penalties
  • New effect: Hide
    • Duration 120s → 4s
      • Duration at +30 Time is 8s
  • Added penalty: Speed -40%
    • Speed at +30 Cost is -10%

skill0409 Critical Blow

  • Added effect: +6 Evasion
  • Added HP lethal at 0.5% chance
    • (CP lethal at 5% chance)

skill0445 Mirage

  • Trigger (detarget)
    • Reuse 0s → 1s

skill0820 Evasion Haste

  • Attack Speed 15% → 33%

Wind Rider

skill0819 Evasion Chance

  • Duration 2min → 10s
  • Blow chance +10% → +20%
  • Added -20% Physical Reuse

Ghost Hunter

skill0818 Evasion Counter

  • Increased stun chance

These updates have the benefit of shifting the focus to player skill and minimizing randomness. Playing as an assassin feels really satisfying. Get ready for a gameplay experience that truly lets you shine in your chosen role!

We’re excited about these changes and can’t wait for you to experience them! :heart: