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note: Overlord / Dominator is used in the same meaning

Let’s travel back in time to when Overlords were the big deal on PvP Servers, especially in Interlude. They used to be tough nukers, dealing a bit less damage but with the cool vampiric effect on every skill. This was way before things got complicated with Reuse not matching casting speed, before all those Elements and +30 power skills came into play, and before the big difference between nukers and Dominators in terms of damage. It was powerful, maybe even overpowered, but a ton of fun to play. Sadly, as the game changed, this awesome playstyle faded away.

But guess what? We’re on a mission to bring back that excitement!

Keep an eye out for the changes that will bring back the fun of playing Overlords in a unique way, and also making them less annoying to deal with in Mass PvP. On top of that, we are also making CP healing more viable… but only as long as you have MP!

Skill Changes

skill1245 Steal Essence

  • Reuse 2s → 0.6s
    Steal Essence is now spammable (same reuse as nuker skills)

skill1305 Honor of Pa’agrio

  • Reuse 5s → 3s

skill1306 Ritual of Life

  • CP Heal x3.5
  • MP Cost x10
  • Reuse 5s → 3s

skill1247 Seal of Scourge

  • Now additionally blocks Invulnerable effects

skill1367 Seal of Disease

  • Target type from “Enemy Clan (at war)” to simply around target AoE
  • Added effect: CP Healing -50%

image Chain Heal

  • Removed

skill1104 ALL Overlord AoE debuffs

  • Radius 200 → 150

skill1248 Seal of Suspension

  • Chance decreased
  • Duration 120s → 30s
  • Effect Reuse x3 → x1.5

skill1509 Seal of Limit

  • Chance decreased
  • Duration 300s → 30s

Playing Overlord in PvP Servers was one of our favorite ways to PvP, so we hope you’ll like these changes!

Thank you for all your support, we really, really appreciate it! :heart:

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