Epic Jewels

Greetings, dear friends

We have some cool news to share with you all!

As you know, Epic Jewels have always been the biggest reason to go defeat Epic Raids, granting powerful stat bonuses when equipped. Since the bonuses were so huge, we made Epic Jewels free for everyone, but we also recognized the need for a unique and exciting reward for those Epic Raid battles. So, we’re re-introducing an upgrade path that leads to the amazing Exalted Epic Jewels!

By upgrading the regular Epic Jewels, we want to bring even more excitement to our server. Imagine fighting alongside your Clan or Alliance in Epic Raid battles, having a blast, and getting amazingly rewarded with these exceptional jewels!

All Exalted Epic Jewels have the retail stats of Epic Jewels as stats, with some more stats on top.

image Exalted Necklace of Valakas: Additional stats: +5% P.Atk, +10% M.Atk
image Exalted Necklace of Frintezza: Additional stats: -10% Skill Reuse
image Exalted Necklace of Freya: Additional stats: +5% Max HP, +5% Max CP, +5% Reflect Damage

image Exalted Earring of Antharas: Additional stats: +6% P.Def
image Exalted Earring of Zaken: Additional stats: +7.5% Vampiric Rage, +7.5% Healing Received
image Exalted Earring of Orfen: Additional stats: +10% Healing power

image Exalted Ring of Queen Ant: Additional stats: +5% Critical Damage
image Exalted Ring of Baium: Additional stats: +5% Attack Speed, +5% Casting Speed
image Exalted Ring of Core: Additional stats: +10% Magic Critical Damage, +5% Critical Damage Resist
image Exalted Ring of Beleth: Additional stats: +6% M.Def

We hope these changes will add to your enjoyment on the server and make the Epic Raids even more memorable. Your continued support and enthusiasm mean the world to us!

Thank you for being part of our community, and get ready for an adventure filled with joy! :star2:

Thank you for reading! :heart: