Estimated online date?

First of all guys,i hope from my bottom of my heart a fully succed grand opening.
I’m playing since first aeron opened. I really miss those days
As i have seen,the competition is kinda shitty,i just believe that u have to focus on advertisment too.
Specially latino community.
When you guys plan +/- to procced opening server?


Greetings, dear friend

Thank you for your support and dedication to our server. We truly appreciate players like you who have been with us since the early days of L2Aeron. Your loyalty means the world to us.

Regarding the grand opening, we understand the anticipation and excitement within the community. We believe it’s gonna be a big server and we really believe in our vision. It’s really fun, we are play-testing constantly and balancing classes daily. The upcoming balance (or design) changes might surprise you (hopefully, positively! :heart: ).

We are diligently working to deliver the best possible PvP experience. Our priority is to ensure that the server is ready for everyone to enjoy without any issues.

As for the opening date, we want to make sure everything is in place before announcing it. Your patience is valued, and we’ll open our doors when we know the time is right.

Thank you again for your support and trust. We will be releasing more news soon!

Cheers! :heart: