First look

Keep this thread with updates.

First look,i just joined on server,and the quality of files is obvious.
Everything works smooth on animations/geodata,no errors for the momment.

// Building my character and going to test skills/landrates . Need some time to find these custom things.


Yup,there is plenty quality in gameplay and i really like that.
I like AI concept. It’s not a typical bot that most servers use. It might need an improvement aswell,but for the momment seems good. Idk if someone found something to report on this. Maybe AI should change target faster? Not sure,i’ll test again.
PVP ZONE could give rewards? to encourage players to pvp? I would like to know your point of view.
Also, I bought exalted tezza and i can’t enchant it. Nor with simple scrolls,either with blessed. It says that does not fit strengthening of the scroll.
I also had some problems with updater. It took me sometime to fix it, does anyone else had same problem? Maybe because i had some custom patches inside my high five folder. I tried also with l2aqua updater to create a game client inside an empty file,but errors were still appearing.Still not sure about that cause my pc isn’t credible.

Still need some time to find all these skills. For the momment,i like the concept and how you set up the server.
Also one other guy made a post about changelogs, and i was ready to say it.
It would be good to publish a list with all changes since beta started.

I’ll comeback again to write my opinion.
Huge + atm
cheers. :saluting_face:


Thank you for the quality feedback!

About the AI, we found some item related back, and it should be fixed already!
The fixes will be applied on the next restart!

In theory PvP already gives rewards.
On top of that we added some extra Kill reward based on your and targets position in the current PvP zone ranking!

Thank you about the bug reports! :heart:
We’ll take a look!

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The issue of bots in pvp zone is an unnecessary amount, I suggest placing a smaller number of bots, about 1-8 maximum


@Acorazado Totally agree with you. I was about to create a topic about this. The number of bots is overwhelming, it doesn’t feel at all like you are playing PvP just slapping mobs. As for me, these bots may not be there at all.

Now it looks like pvp is filled with the number of 30+ bots and when you meet a player it’s a big surprise, while it should be quite the opposite.


Greetings, dear friends

We’ve been experimenting a bit with AI Player numbers, and we have lowered them considerably. Please check it out again when you have time :slight_smile:

Remember that these AI Players are here to fill the void when there’s not enough Players around to have some nice PvP, and they will leave the zone over time when more Players join

Thank you for the feedback! :heart: