Fortress/TW/Siege registration

Fortress registration:
Currently, to register for a fortress you have to run around the fortress area with a macro in search of a special NPC Suspicious Merchant. It would be possible to make a button in some tab for clan registration for fortresses?

TW/Siege registration:
Instead of running to messenger to register for attack/defense, you could also make a button for registration in some tab.

Idea - there should be a “Clan” section in the community board, where you can do the above registration steps, but not only. Teleports around castles/fortresses and other clan activities could also be placed there.

In addition, for variety, teleports to the area of the castle could be several - mainly with TW and siege in mind. With some castles this may not make sense, e.g. Rune, but others could introduce an element of surprise.


Greetings, dear friend

Fortresses have been added to the Activities tab with their closest teleports, and a button to register from CB directly. Hopefully this will make it way easier to have some Fortress PvP!

Castles could already be registered for from CB directly, but they don’t have the closest teleports buttons for now

Thank you! :heart:

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