General Gameplay Changes

Dear Lineage 2 Community,

Continuing from our last post, we have some news we can share regarding our PvP gameplay. Some of these changes are reused from old Aeron and Devil servers, but it’s good to bring awareness to them.

These changes are aimed at improving the PvP experience by ensuring a more balanced and enjoyable PvP environment. We give ourselves the freedom of editing any aspect of the game as we see fit, nothing is too “retail-like” for us to change. We absolutely love the general feeling of the classes in L2 so we don’t even want to go too far away. We are fixing the stuff we see as wrong and expanding the gameplay on stuff we see as missed opportunities. We want to provide the maximum fun possible while remaining loyal to the original Lineage 2 feeling. It is our hope that you will be open minded and accept many fun changes in our server - so that we move together towards a more enjoyable and vibrant PvP experience. :heart:

Our focus is on creating an updated and active balance, where as many classes as possible will be viable and bring fun to the epic battles that are coming our way. The following changes are general changes to the game that will allow us to create better Class reworks.

The next post will be a reveal of our first Class rework - Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter! :fireworks:

Party Restrictions Removed

We are excited to announce that party restrictions based on player classes have been completely removed! You are now free to create and join parties with any combination of classes, allowing for greater flexibility in party compositions. If you are thinking about the old boring strategies of stacking max Healers, Tanks, and Supports in a party… you will be glad to discover that these strategies are no longer winning strategies.

Triggers from Reflect Damage

We are changing how trigger skills activate when receiving damage. Previously, these skills would trigger from damage caused by reflect damage. However, we have made adjustments so that trigger skills now only activate from direct damage. For example, if an Adventurer uses Mirage self-buff and auto-attacks you, the damage reflection will no longer cause detargeting. The same thing happens with Lightning Barrier, Expose Weak Point, etc… Now Reflect Damage is a stat you always want, there are no downsides.

Magic Critical Rate

We have increased the Magic Critical Rate from the High Five cap of 20% to 30%.
We recognize that reaching the previous cap was too easily attainable, rendering several buffs and stat boosts redundant. This update not only makes mages more powerful but also breathes new life into various build possibilities, encouraging experimentation and strategic decision-making.


We have changed the mechanics of counterattacks. Previously, certain skills could trigger multiple counterattacks from a single skill because counterattacks work by reflecting “effects”, such as lethal. This means that most Blow skills would reflect twice or even three times per use. We have made it so that only one counterattack per skill is executed. This change was done so that Dagger classes would not be super-hard countered by Counterattacks.

NPC Buffer Buffs

We want to make NPC Buffer Buffs a part of your character’s build, not just a general stat increase you get by default. We are not looking to limit the amount of buff slots further in order to force you to make meaningful choices, instead we edit buffs with the same stack type (buffs that you can only have 1 of) and force you to choose which stats you prefer.

Cat Buffs image

Blessing of Queen

  • Critical Damage 25% → 15%

Gift of Queen

  • Base: +10% P.Atk, +3 Accuracy
  • Added +2.5% Physical/Blow Skill Damage

Pony Buffs image

Blessing of Seraphim

  • Added +10% Healing Power, +10% M.Atk, +2% Casting Speed

Gift of Seraphim

  • Magical Skill Reuse -35% → -25%

Greater Buffs

Greater Might image
(and other identical buffs)

  • Base: +10% P.Atk
  • Added +3.5% Physical/Blow Skill Damage

Greater Shield image

(and other identical buffs)

  • P.Def 15% → 10%

Berserker Buffs

Berserker Spirit image
(and other identical buffs)

  • Added +2.5% Physical/Blow Skill Damage
  • M.Def -16% → -5%
  • P.Def -8% → -5%

Dance of Berserker image

  • Added +2.5% Physical/Blow Skill Damage
  • M.Def -16% → -5%
  • P.Def -8% → -5%


We are reworking Prophecies so that all of them have the same base stats, and each of them has one or more unique stats to define the gameplay you want to focus on.

All Prophecy buffs (shared bonuses)

  • +20% Max HP
  • +10% Debuff Resist
  • +10% P.Atk
  • +20% P.Def
  • +20% Attack Speed
  • +20% Critical Damage
  • +20% Casting Speed
  • +20% M.Atk
  • +20% M.Def
  • +2 Magic Critical Rate

Prophecy of Fire image

  • +10 Speed
  • +50 HP/s Regeneration
  • +15% Mana Burn Damage

Prophecy of Water image

  • +15% Clarity
  • +2 Magic Critical Rate
  • +10% Reflect Damage
  • +4 Evasion
  • +30 Critical Rate
  • +5% Attack Speed

Prophecy of Wind image

  • +20% Magic Critical Damage
  • +5% Critical Damage
  • +4 Accuracy
  • +5% Vampiric Rage
  • +5% Healing Power

Chant of Victory image

  • +10% Max HP
  • +10% Healing Received
  • -5 Speed

Chant of Magnus image

  • +10% Debuff Power
  • +10% Debuff Resist
  • +40 Cancel Resist
  • -10% Skill Reuse

Victory of Pa’agrio image

  • +2000 Max CP
  • +20% Max CP
  • +20% Max MP
  • -5 Speed

Counter Critical image

  • Critical Damage Resist 30% → 15%
  • Trigger damage required 300 → 3000
  • Trigger Critical Damage +100% → +35%
  • Trigger Critical Damage now works on Bows and Crossbows

With these changes, we aim to ensure that Critical Damage is once again impactful and predictable, while maintaining the exciting element of Counter Critical triggers.

Song of Purification image

Healing Received +30% → +3%
Debuff Resist +30% → +3%

Song of Purification when left with retail stats is completely game breaking if it lasts forever, promoting a very defensive and boring metagame. We have changed the healing and debuff resist to a mere 3% because there is no active choice in getting this buff, everyone gets it and that’s it. The PvP experience without this buff (or with this very nerfed buff) is much better.

Dance of Siren image

Magic Critical Rate +100% → +4

Magic Critical Rate cap was too easy to reach because of Dance of Siren, so that now WIT dyes, Valakas, Prophecy of Water, and other buffs will play a role in reaching the new 30% Cap

Song of Wind Storm skill0764

Crossbow resist 5% → 10% (same as Bow)

We have increased the Crossbow resist to be the same as the Bow resist, so if you want to counter archers by using this buff, it includes Trickster too

Speed limit skill0004

Increased from 250 to 300

This allows archers and other fast classes to be more effective at kiting

Reflect Damage and Vampiric

We believe Reflect Damage and Vampiric mechanics are underutilized in PvP because of the current prevalence of Reflect Damage, and we want to expand on these mechanics.

Reflect Damage with retail stats on full buffs can be overwhelming, leading to situations where Titans even fear auto-attacking targets and one-shotting themselves, with the target doing nothing but stand there. We want those reverse one-shots to still happen, but only on select few targets who prepare for it, not everyone by default.

We recognize the potential of Vampiric mechanics to add depth and strategic gameplay elements. Our goal is to explore ways to expand and enhance Vampiric abilities, creating exciting opportunities for various classes to utilize these mechanics effectively in PvP combat. However, we won’t spoil you… not yet :new_moon_with_face:

Song of Vengeance image

  • Reflect Damage 20% → 10%

Chant of Revenge image

  • Reflect Damage 20% → 10%

Blazing Skin image

  • Removed from NPC Buffer, self-buff

We believe that these updates will contribute to a more dynamic and fair PvP gameplay experience. We are having tons of fun just by ourselves play testing these and other changes, and it’s honestly amazing :smile:

Thank you for your support as we work diligently to improve and optimize the L2Aqua PvP experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate in our PvP adventure! :heart:

@Copyleft and @Hubris



Song of Wind Storm skill0764

Crossbow resist 5% → 10% (same as Bow)

We have increased the Crossbow resist to be the same as the Bow resist, so if you want to counter archers by using this buff, it includes Trickster too



Speed limit skill0004

Increased from 250 to 300

This allows archers and other fast classes to be more effective at kiting