Grand opening

Hello guys once again,grand opening date is finally here :partying_face:
As we all see,gm team worked many hours with server,i hope we’ll give them a great payback.
Go spread the news to everyone you know,i believe everyone who loves high rate scene should join and test the server.
I dont know how’s the server gonna be,but all i need to know is that the staff members are proffesionals,smart peoples and open for discussion.
So i guess eveything gonna be perfect!
We all know what’s happening on l2 scene and i think i’m not the only one that is alienated on what’s going on for many years.
The server we all loved as childs/grown men is finally coming back,and i’m little bit exciting!
Trust the process,and the project,and everything will be fine!
Once again,Good luck with your server guys,we’ll be there!!! :japanese_ogre:


Greetings, dear friend!

Thank you so much, your support means a lot to us! :heart:

The reason why our server is different from the rest is because we actually want to make a difference in the scene. We did it in the past (and you can still see all the butterfly effects and standards we created by playing other servers who adopted those smart and innovative ideas), and we can do it again! :smile:

There’s a ton of changes and some of them that can only be tested in the real, Live server, because we need big Mass PvP to understand if the effects of our changes are as desired. This is why feedback is important, so we can create the most fun server possible for everyone involved, from solo, to small party, to big clans and allies.

If there’s something wrong be sure we’ll be around and fix it in record time. We are eager of changing whatever is needed in order to rise to the top and be super successful! We will continue improving our server every day.

Thank you again! :heart:


Thank you very much for the support, we really appreciate it!!

Hope you enjoy our server as much as we did creating it :heart: