Healers (Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillient Saint)

Greetings, dear friends

One of the biggest problems in PvP Servers in Lineage 2 has always been Healers: they are designed in the original settings to be very effective, but not very efficient - meaning they can tank a lot of damage but only while they have MP. However, with Mana Potions, a feature added to make PvP more fun and dynamic without needing supports to refill your MP for spamming skills - this balance becomes an imbalance as Healers can now tank a lot of damage indefinitely, making PvP become boring and repetitive.

One of the most important changes we’ve done is on Chain Heal - which was previously ignoring healing reduction and increase stats, so now you will have a much harder time to heal yourself up with heal-decreasing buffs such as Flame Icon, which increased the problem we talked about earlier about immortal healers, increasing your defensive stats massively but not decreasing your effective healing.

We’ve made “off-target healing” skills more effective to try and change a bit the Healing gameplay, with boosts to buffs such as Lord of Vampire and Blessed Blood, making them much more viable. We have also increased the offensive power of healers with the Inquisitor rework, allowing Healers to quickly go in and out of Inquisitor transform to do some extra damage (damage that is actually noticeable) when healing is not needed, instead of having to fiddle around with nuke augments.

Inquisitor Rework

Damage skills of Inquisitor now uses the PvE power as the global power, PvP power (lower than PvE power) no longer exists. It’s like switching to nuker-mode. We’ve also added substantial boosts to Two-Handed Blunt usage for Inquisitor so that it’s easier to identify Healers in Inquisitor mode

skill1520 Inquisitor

  • +20% M.Atk when using Two-Handed Blunt
  • +3% Casting Speed when using Two-Handed Blunt
  • -15% Max HP, M.Def, P.Def
  • -100% Shield Defense (x0, use Sigil or 2H)

skill1523 Divine Punishment

  • PvP Power 65 → 109
  • Reuse 1s → 0.5s

skill1528 Divine Flash

  • PvP Power 37-> 61

skill1524 Surrender to the Divine

  • Added effect: -30% Cancel Resist

skill1525 Divine Curse

  • No changes

image Switch Stance (untransform)

  • Now removing your Transformation is much faster, so you can switch in and out of Inquisitor tactically
  • Hittime from 5s to 1s

image Seed of Light (New!)

Shared Skills

(Including Healer Skill Transfer)

skill1394 Trance

  • Reuse 1s → 0.5s
    We believe Trance to be a very well-designed skill, as its debuff effects can simply be mitigated by autoattacking someone or using an item. Increasing the effectiveness of this skill should allow good Healers to perform even better, as it’s a very nice way of removing damage from yourself while at the same time allowing counterplay for anyone in the enemy team to cancel the debuff’s effects. We believe there is very little danger in increasing this skill’s effectivity in PvP, as it’s so easily countered with your own ally’s actions.

skill1201 Dryad Root

  • Reuse 2s → 1s
  • Cast range 600 → 300
    On the other hand, Dryad Root should be the equivalent to Trance for Shillien Elder, but it’s a very hard debuff which can last a very long time. This is why we’ve balanced it in a different way, reducing its cast range, putting the caster in more danger when using it.

skill1539 Stigma of Shilen

  • Casting Range 900 → 150
    We believe Stigma of Shilen was too overpowered, giving a +40% damage boost to all melee classes at 100% chance to land. Now it’s risky or situational to use, as you need to be more exposed to melee classes to cast it.

skill1218 Blessed Blood

  • Reuse (skill) 20s → 7.5s (static)
  • Reuse (trigger) 4s → 1s
  • +30 Power skill enchant: about ~x2 power compared to +30 Time
    Once upon a time, this skill was completely broken in Java servers, around Gracia Epilogue - the trigger had no reuse. It was really fun for a while as the more players attacked you the stronger you became, but then reuse got fixed and it became useless (max 4 triggers per buff, the same as a cast of Major Heal…). We’ve decided to invite the fun back into our server, while at the same time making sure it’s not broken. Now you can even cast it on a lot of different players, since reuse is lower! And there’s more - you can now decide if you want to go +30 Time for less healing on many targets, or +30 Power, for more healing on fewer targets!

skill1400 Turn Undead

  • Now also works against Undead Summons (such as Reanimated Man).

image Chain Heal

  • HP % Healing of Chain Heal Is now affected by healing increase and reduction, meaning debuffs such as Demon Wind and Curse Disease are more powerful against Chain Heal; and buffs such as Zealot, Angelic Icon, Flame Icon, and Spirit of Shilen are dangerous to use since you won’t get healed much (as originally intended)

skill0336 Arcane Wisdom

  • Casting Speed -10% → -25%
  • MP Cost reduction -30% → -60%
  • MP Cost reduction (+30) -65% → -65%
  • Added effect: +15% Healing power
    This was previously a completely useless skill for PvP Servers, and mostly a PvE skill for other servers. With these changes we hope to give it some utility in low MP situations for healers getting Mana Burned to 0 to continue healing, even if just sometimes. It’s now much easier to allow you to cast skills when you rely on your passive MP regeneration, but you’ll do so much slower. However, it might be the difference between lasting just a bit more time for reinforcements to arrive, and dying!

skill1398 Mana Burn

  • Mana Damage -30%
    We like Mana Burn a lot, but we felt that it was too oppressive. Hopefully this change allows PvP to develop over time instead of nuking your MP in one M.Crit.

skill1013 Recharge

  • Mana Healed +200% (x3)
    Mana Potions completely took away the role of Recharge, so we overboosted it to infinity for cases of extreme Mana Burn party compositions.


skill1410 Salvation

  • Now a self-buff

skill1505 Sublime Self-Sacrifice

  • Now targets only your own party instead of every non-enemy around you, including neutral players and NPCs
  • MP Heal 100% → 20%
    This skill was often times used as a “reset” for party PvP in regards to MP, and we believe that’s wrong, as you basically have to win twice (or thrice) the Mana Burn war. Now with this change you will still heal a bit of MP for the whole party. We hope that with this change the focus of the skill has mostly changed on healing HP and CP fully instead of restoring MP.

Eva’s Saint

skill1506 Blessing of Eva

  • Reuse 20min → 1min (static)
  • MP Heal 100% → 20%
    Similar to Sublime Self-Sacrifice, we want to move the focus away from healing MP. The absolutely giant change in reuse changes this skill’s usage scope in a way which we believe is more fun for the gameplay we like to imagine.

Shillien Saint

skill1507 Lord of Vampire

  • Reuse 150s → 60s (static)
  • Added effect: +40% Skill Vampiric
    This is now an absolutely amazing buff that will turn any physical DD into an unkillable monster… as long as it’s doing damage and healing from it. Combine it with other strong buffs (like Frenzy) for some crazy stuff.

skill1508 Thorn Root

  • Reuse 8s → 2s
    The base root duration of this skill is 10s so there’s not a lot of danger in massively boosting it. With this change, the skill becomes more reliable, making it highly effective when dealing with grouped up players.

There’s lots of little changes here that can make PvP amazing again, hopefully you see the potential in our server and will join to experience the Lineage 2 fun again!

Thank you for your support! :heart: