Hero Skills

Greetings, dear friends

We deeply care about our server, and we’ve always seen that some Hero skills were scaling stats differently and creating a few imbalances between Physical and Magical classes. We’ve fixed these issues in order to improve balance at this level.

Hero Skills

image Heroic Valor

  • Target Alliance (instead of Clan only)
  • Effects: P.Atk +5%, M.Atk +10%, P.Def +500, M.Def +500, Cancel Resist +40%

Previously it was giving 250 P.Atk and 500 P.Def, leaving all magical damage the same. We have added M.Atk and M.Def to the buff, left the defensive stats as static +500 P.Def/M.Def, and made offensive stats multiplicative so that it’s always scaling better on high P.Atk (and now M.Atk) classes. It is still an overall more defensive buff, as originally intended, but not as much.

image Heroic Berserker

  • Effects: P.Atk +10%, M.Atk +20%, +100 Attack Speed, +100 Casting Speed, +20 Speed, +8 Accuracy, +80% Cancel Resist, +100% Healing received, -25% P.Def, -25% M.Def, -8 Evasion

Similarly to Heroic Valor, Heroic Berserker was scaling physical damage more than magical damage, as giving 500 static P.Atk is noticeable, but 500 static M.Atk is almost nothing. We’ve changed them both to be multiplicative.

Additionally, we’ve fixed what we believe is a bug (feature if you love retail and L2Off), where Heroic Berserker gives -25% P.Def, but only -25 M.Def (not percentage), imbalancing the physical vs magical aspect of the buff even more. Only P.Atk, M.Atk, and M.Def were changed, other stats are left original.

image Heroic Miracle

  • Unchanged
  • Effects: P.Def +5400, M.Def +4050, Cancel Resist +80%, Speed +5

We believe this skill works as intended

image Heroic Dread

  • Unchanged
  • Effects: 30s Fear with +66 Speed

We believe this skill works as intended. It doesn’t land a lot in Mass PvP, which we believe is a good thing.

image Heroic Grandeur

  • Unchanged
  • Effects: Physical + Magical Silence, P.Def -50%, M.Def -50%, -50% Shield Defense, -16 Evasion

Same as Heroic Dread, we believe it’s working well as intended.

Our objective with these changes is for Hero skills to be more balanced for all classes to use.

Thank you for your attention! :heart: