How we became who we are today

Greetings, dear friends :small_orange_diamond:

We want you to know that when you login into our Lineage 2 servers, you’re entering a world that’s been extremely battle-tested. Over time, we’ve fixed countless exploits, bugs, and errors. Our commitment to a fair and enjoyable gaming environment meant that no exploit went unresolved for long. We are proud of our server files, which we’ve refined over many years, and we really hope you feel the difference when playing here and everything is just working correctly, as one would expect.


We know we are privileged with our situation, as this is not the reality many other servers experience; many of them are exploding randomly due to bugs and exploits all the time. Our server files were buggy like that once, but over time we fixed everything we’ve come across. When you combine buggy server files with corruption drama you get the perfect recipe for disaster and short-lived servers.

The Story

We take exploits and security very seriously, and our servers have remained invulnerable to hacking attempts for more than a decade. There was, however, one isolated incident involving a former team member who betrayed our trust. I don’t classify it as a hack since this individual was once a friend and coworker, even having the highest salary of the whole team. He simply had access because of our collaborative work environment, and due to his personal situation he forced himself to take advantage of it. Betrayal feels really bitter, but we forgive him and set him free. We hope he’s doing well.

The Team

As a result of this, our server and team, which was very big in the past, basically disintegrated until just two of us were left: me and @Hubris (send him lots of love, he deserves it! :heart: )

We are committed to maintaining a highly effective team, and this is why we will be very selective on who we add to the team. We are on the same page on all aspects of the design, development, and marketing aspects of the server, another privilege we didn’t have when we were big - everyone had their own ideas on what would work best, everyone wanted different things from the server, and no one really took care of it except us 2.

There were many times where we had to push people to do their job, instead of these team members proactively looking for ways on how to improve the server by themselves; the way we are working. Many conversations were all about money. We don’t think about money at all, we trust in the process of life where we believe that by offering a valuable gaming experience we will be rewarded with the money we deserve.

We are glad to be on our own, new, small, fast, highly-effective, multidisciplinary All-Star team. We are finally free to do what we’ve always wanted, a fun PvP experience in Lineage 2, without limiting ourselves on what gets changed because of the opinions of conflicting team members.

We’re not just any team; we’re a team that’s faced adversity, learned from it, and come out even stronger. We’ve gained a ton of experience over the years and plan to use all of it for our benefit. We finally believe we are doing things as they should be done, and we really value your trust and are determined to uphold it. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Thank you for being a part of our amazing Lineage 2 community. :heart: