How we'll never wipe

Greetings, dear friends :small_orange_diamond:

Today, we are announcing a significant shift in our server philosophy - one built on trust, integrity, and dedication to your gaming experience. :heart:

The private server scam cycle

We understand the frustration that many of you have experienced in the world of private servers. Projects come and go - but the people behind these projects are the same - under different names. They are launching the same servers repeatedly, extracting donations each time, and then just abandoning the server within a matter of weeks (or days) after they get the money. This pattern has left many feeling scammed, specially after investing time and money.

What we do

Here we firmly believe that you, our players, deserve better. Our commitment is simple (and serious): we want you to always want to play here, and we’re determined to ensure you have no reason to look anywhere else.

We refuse to participate in the dishonest practice of relaunching servers with the behavior many server admins have of complete disregard to player’s time and wallets.

We promise to provide a stable and durable gaming environment where your hard-earned progress will be honored and your loyalty rewarded. Your time, trust, and contributions matter to us, and we intend to earn and keep them, every day.

The solution

We design all our servers with a very long term duration in mind, and our top priority is for the server to live for as long as possible. If the day ever comes where we believe there’s great benefit to relaunching the server again in order to get many players back, what we’ll do is the following:

  1. Be completely open about it. :smile:
  2. NEVER wipe or close the old server. The first server of each type is our core server, always online.
  3. Launch the new server, and gather tons of new players.
  4. Early in the new server’s life (it depends on each server), we will merge the new server into the core server.

Why the early merge?

Because there’s no point in merging 2 dead servers. It’s still going to result in a dead server.

This should transfer all the amazing new activity of the new server into the core server. :rocket:

Can you think of a better way to get all our old players back than to make their old favorite server super alive again?

Of course, if you do, please let us know !

Join us and leave behind the uncertainty and disappointment of past projects. Together, we’re setting a new standard - a standard built on respect for our players.

Thank you for being part of this amazing community. Your trust in us is our most valued treasure. :coin:

Thank you for reading! :heart: