Mixing Interlude with High Five

Greetings, dear friends

Today I’m going to talk about Interlude and High Five, and what it means for our server :new_moon_with_face:

Embracing the Interlude Legacy

In the history of Lineage 2 private servers, a new chapter is being written: one that honors the past while looking towards the future. It’s a story of revisiting the Interlude era’s best gameplay, combining it with all the good things High Five brought, and innovating even more.

The Interlude Legacy

Interlude: Once upon a time, Interlude was offering the best of Lineage 2’s amazing PvP combat. Lower Max HP meant higher damage percentages, and the battlefield was an arena of unpredictability, you always felt you had at least a chance to win. Battles were intense, and even outnumbered, PvP could be won because of damage and speed. The Speed stat was very important as kiting was a valid strategy.

Advancing to High Five

High Five: Enter the High Five update, marked by skills like Rush and Rush Impact. These skills changed the PvP metagame massively, making kiting obsolete and redefining the role of the Speed stat. The game evolved, but it left some of the best Interlude gameplay behind.

The Perfect Fusion

Now, on our server, we’re crafting a unique mix - a fusion of the best of both worlds. We love High Five’s innovations, and we’re returning to Interlude’s base. For example, skills like Frenzy and Bison are way stronger and more fun than you’ll ever remember. We like crazy things, including crazy damage.

But we’re not stopping at simply restoring the past glory of old amazing skills and gameplay. High Five’s most important metagaming skills, such as Spirit of Shilen and Flame Icon, are still very important. However, they’re no longer required for PvP. We’re making them viable without being obligatory, ensuring freedom for class diversity inside a party. This was our main goal with all the class reworks, and is why we call ourselves High Five Part 6. We want everyone to have fun playing their own favorite classes, and not feeling bad doing so because you feel there’s other required classes to be played for the party! :partying_face:

The Future

We’re introducing our unique set of skills and updates to the game. These additions are carefully crafted to maximize fun and improve gameplay. We get inspiration from Interlude, High Five, and Classic! We are as well adding our own creativity into the mix. In our world, Lineage 2 isn’t simply a game; it’s a living, evolving entity.

Alternative Classic!

We are calling it High Five Part Six, but what we’re actually doing is very simple: we are honoring the nostalgia of Interlude with the breaking changes of High Five, resulting in an experience that combines the best of both worlds; we are joining 2 different player bases! We want Interlude and High Five players to feel at home when playing here! Of course, Classic players, used to the reworks and remasters, should already feel very welcome, I believe they are already welcoming these kind of changes. For them, this is like an alternative Classic rework :smirk:

The legacy of Lineage 2 continues, and it’s brighter than ever before. :star2:

Thank you for reading! :heart: