Most wanted feature

Little QoL for fun. Ppl can add nicknames to kill with reward of his own items (might be just adena, other currency, skins or whatever).

Additionaly it may be also automated when for example each few hours there is new random nickname from zone in Most Wanted list with little (or not little) reward.

To not overuse this ppl from Most Wanted list may expire after fixed period of time.


Greetings, dear friend :star2:

I believe this can be fun, but one thing I don’t know how to fix is the social aspect of this: players putting a bounty on your head, and your friends collecting it or even neutrals splitting the bounty with you, which is the equivalent of sending money to the person you want dead.

There is also the problem that this being a PvP Server only (for now - we will have Low and Mid rate later on), but currently there is no disadvantage to dying.

Simply randomly adding more rewards to someone is also not very good because that person will get focused… not fun gameplay for the person.

I’ve been thinking about it and I believe we can get a similar benefit of your vision if we increase the rewards for killing the current Top PvP Scorers in the PvP Zone (let’s say killing the current top 10: Top 1 gives +100% reward, Top 10 gives +10% rewards; etc), so as to make it more competitive since people are going to go for the high reward targets. I think that could work nicely, and it’s going to feel much more deserving of the Top spots when you win a PvP Zone :smile:

With this case we should also update everyone’s titles to reflect the #number ranking of the current PvP Zone, so you know your ranking inside the Zone and see how you progress. I think that’s very fun and competitive!

Thank you for the feedback, we truly appreciate it! :heart:


Whoaa,thats a very nice feature,nice one copyleft,add it for sure the way u said.

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This is exactly how it would work - what is there to fix?

Look at it from another angle. A player is marked for most wanted and the whole clan gets involved in his defence. After some time, if he manages to survive he gets a much bigger reward than a person would get for killing him. This would be a nice extra activity for the clan.
Most wanted could flee to the city and wait it out, but then time would have to be stopped, and any rejoining of the zone would trigger a global announce about it.

This idea of an extra reward for killing top players is great and unique - I’ve played on many pvp servers and haven’t seen anything like this anywhere. :slight_smile:

A ranking as title would be great or some sort of top pvp table in the interface.

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That’s because I just came up with it when thinking about it… :smirk:

I think it’s amazing, I’ll add it to the todo list :smile: