Multiple teams in TvT mode and zone rotation

After a first look the server looks very good, but I would have a few suggestions about the pvp zone.

  1. I know from experience that people would prefer to play in a zone where there are a lot of people, the other will be completely empty, so creating a TvT zone and a PvP zone at the same time is not a good idea.

In my opinion, a better approach would be to create a rotation of one zone - for example PvP zone 30/60 min → TvT zone 30/60 min → PvP zone 30/60 min → [loop] - or any other combination. It is important that there is only one zone for permanent pvp.

Of course there are proponents and opponents of this type of rotation. Separating the zone as it is now will favour the bigger clans, who will automatically create a whole pt ready for the zone, but this will be regretted by smaller clans or even solo players, who will be quickly eaten up by the “zerg”. On the other hand, one zone with TvT/PvP rotation will make smaller clans and solo players happier, but larger clans will complain.

  1. I love pvp in small parties, so the first thing i wanted to check out was Team vs Team Zone, but unfortunately there is no way to create a party there from what i’ve seen and all players are anonymous.

I know it’s a pipe dream because it might be technically hard to implement, but I would completely change how the TvT zone works:

  • First of all more smaller teams instead of two big ones (I would suggest 4 different teams with separate colours)
  • Turning off anonymous mode (nicknames visable)
  • Automatic addition of people from the same team to the party
  • The player does not choose a team but is automatically selected to balance the number of players per team

This will allow balanced pvp of several smaller or larger parties.


+1 I tottaly agree with your idea.
@Copyleft take a look this.

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Greetings, dear friends :star2:

I will tell you what I think about this, and why we believe changing it is positive for the server, and will allow us to have more online than otherwise :heart:

I see a few different solutions. We are willing to be proven wrong and adapt if it doesn’t work, but we’d like to try if it’s viable first because we believe there is more benefit to having both zones open and active at the same time.



I am going to refer as “Zergs” to organized entities, Clans, Command Channels, and big Parties, relative to the total players in the zone. Zergs could be 5 players in a party when the total of the zone is 8 players. It’s about the dominant entity in the current situation, offering little counterplay.


I am going to refer as “Roamers” (for the lack of a better word) to the smaller entities in the zone relative to the total. The solo players, the small parties, and the people getting rekt consistently and not having fun (not because of lack of skill, but because of lack of opportunity for making a change in the PvP outcome against zergs).

What you are suggesting is for roamers to not have an escape of the abuse from zergs, so that zergs are guaranteed their fun for dominating the only option available to have fun in.

We want to break this cycle of abuse and instead reward people more for going to the PvP Zone willingly for more rewards, but it should not be the only way to have fun consistently in the server. We believe having only 1 active zone is unhealthy for the majority of roamers.

I’ve observed the effects of this design for many years, and I can consistently say that the most fun I’ve had in the PvP Zone when playing as a player was when the PvP was challenging because numbers between entities were similar. In the EU morning time there is an abundance of roamers having tons of fun in the PvP Zone, and while the day progresses and more players log in, it gets slowly replaced with zergs, until roamers are effectively kicked out of the zone with nowhere else to go.

The main reason we want Team Zone always open is because fun in the PvP Zone is not guaranteed for roamers. When they get fed up from dying they will look for alternatives, and if we offer none, chances are high that they will simply leave the server.

Of course, I am not saying that zergs want to abuse the PvP Zone, what they truly want is challenging competition because this is the most fun way to spend their collective time. However, when there is no competition, abuse is what happens, and when there’s enough abuse and no alternatives to have fun in, roamers either “step up” and endure the abuse, or simply leave. This culture is then reinforced and roamers are no longer welcome in the server or are forced to join clans, leading to decline in casual players and concentration in organized play, creating a feedback loop.

We want to offer the Team Zone as a “fallback” to all roamers. That’s our idea. We believe we will have higher online if we execute this correctly. We believe we can do it by offering juicier rewards in the PvP Zone.

Team Zone improvements

  • There is no display for more teams, only Blue and Red, due to technical limitations of the client. We could make it changing the name color, but it’s not as clear.
  • We can display names but it might lead to easier collusion from zergs, only killing non-clan enemies
  • This can be done but reinforces healer gameplay, which reinforces zergs dominance in the zone
  • Players are assigned the team automatically, and teams get rebalanced over time if there’s an imbalance in player numbers per team

Thank you for your feedback :heart:

In theory you are right, but I will continue to stand by the fact that zone separation is not a good solution. As I mentioned earlier, when people have a choice between two zones - one with a small number of players and one with a much larger number of players they will always choose the more active zone, even if they are going to be raining on it like chickens.

Additionally, who is going to want to play on a small Pagan with no rotation? It will get boring quickly and the zone will be dead.

This is all just a prediction, we’ll see how it comes out in the wash.

Regarding tvt - i’m little dissappointed that the client prevents more teams from being added. This mode has always been the most fun. :frowning:

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