Name colors

Name currently are based on PvP:


On such servers getting 1k pvp is a matter of maybe a few days?

I would expand the color palette significantly - even 2-3 times. If people play here a couple of weeks most of nicknames will be at least yellow/orange - boring, let’s give a larger range of colors.

The second option is probably even more interesting. Instead of basing it on the amount of PvP, let’s make the color of the nick depending on the ranking in PvP weekly/monthly or any other - it would be good if to the PvP points were not counted killing AI. For example, the first three places black, the next three gray and then others somehow exponentially …

Disadvantages of such a solution:

  • There is no way to choose the color of the nickname


  • People must have a purpose in pvp especially on this type of server, and showing off a black nickname can be encouraging to play.
  • More colorful on the server :wink:

We can do this, question is: do people want PvPs to count only when killing Players, or including AI Players?

Ranking is (or should be, if it’s not bugged) only Players already - AI Players never increase in PvP

Thank you for the feedback! :heart:

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If the rewards for killing remain I think there will be no problem with it. In the ranking on pvp zone you can do “kills”, but to the player account should be counted PvP points only for real players. This will encourage players to fight among eachother instead of making a party against all AI. PvP = Player vs Player points, is the AI a player? :upside_down_face:

That’s right, everything is fine with the ranking - only real players are there.

I would also like to know your opinion on increasing the color palette for pvp and ideas from the suggestions I raised.

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We’ll do it this way, thank you! :heart:

The color palette for character names is limited by the client in some strange ways, we will have to study which colors are available and how it works, and then give these extra ones as an option. I’m not against adding more colors, but I think the last one should be the 100% black one :new_moon_with_face:

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It’s great to hear that. :grinning:

Sure black ones should be the highest ones. This isn’t the first time here I heard of client blocking here. I hope that these blockades can be avoided, because it will block the implementation of any changes…

Could I ask you to refer to this part of the proposal?

Sorry for ignoring this part, I’m just unsure if it’s something that’s good for the server, I’m not sure what effects it will have

I can see benefits in both models: how long term players want their names forever colored, and how weekly/monthly PvP colored names can add to the competitive feeling of the server