New Unique Feature: AI Players 🌟

Greetings, dear friends.

Prepare to revolutionize your PvP experience with our amazing new addition: AI Players!

AI Players

What Are AI Players?

AI Players are a game-changing feature designed to keep the PvP Zone active and alive. These dynamic and intelligent AIs will interact with you, providing exciting PvP combat when the player activity is low.

Why Are AI Players a Game-Changer?

Always Have Targets in PvP Zone: With AI Players around, you’ll never face the frustration of an empty PvP Zone. They’re always up for a fight, ensuring that PvP action can always be achieved.

Intelligent PvP Interaction: AI Players aren’t your average NPCs. They adapt to the situation, your class, their class, and various factors to give you a challenging and engaging PvP experience. Expect them to fight smart, forming parties if needed to take you down.

Varied Difficulty Levels: AI Players offer three distinct difficulty modes - Easy, Medium, and Hard. Whether you’re an experienced PvP veteran or just starting out, there’s a challenge for your skill level. Find all of them in the PvP Zone!

Clearly Marked and Unique: You’ll never mistake an AI Player for a real one. They are clearly marked with their names, ensuring transparency in your PvP encounters. We don’t want to deceive you with Fake Players, something other servers are doing out there.

Designed by a Pro: Our AI Players aren’t just tough because of their stats; they have the exact same stats as any other players with that equipment. They are hard to kill because they’re designed by a Lineage 2 Pro Player (@Hubris). You can bet they’ll give you a run for your Adena! :smile:

When Do AI Players Appear?

AI Players are here to fill the void when player activity in the PvP Zone is low. As more real players join the zone, AI Players will start leaving, ensuring that the real Players have their moment of glory.

Join the PvP Revolution!

Get ready for endless PvP excitement with AI Players. Challenge yourself, improve your skills, and engage in interesting battles that keep you in suspense and fully engaged.

Have questions or Feedback about AI Players? Share your thoughts on our forums! We value your input and will continue to refine this feature based on your suggestions.

It’s time to experience Lineage 2 PvP like never before. Teleport into the PvP Zone, and let’s always have fun! :star:

We believe it’s a really good feature everyone will love.

Thank you for reading! :heart: