Oly and events

Dear administration, I have a few questions regarding the status of the server. 1. There is no way to get a nobless status, although I would really like to because I want to play at the Olympics. 2. Events are not launched, because there are not enough people in the registration, make the launch of events from 2 people or stuff bots there, I do not know, if events are not launched, then there will be nowhere to farm medals. I hope for a speedy response.


Fixed! Thank you!

We’ve lowered the minimum amount of players, thank you!

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But we still can’t join olympiad :(. I got Noblesse Blessing skill but when I register it says that only Noblesse characters can participate in Olympiad.

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Hello @Crocosaurus and welcome!

I just tested if I can register and I didn’t find any problem.
Could you tell me your character name and I’ll check if there’s something wrong for you!

If you don’t wanna post your name in the forum you could always PM me instead!

Waiting for news from you!
Best regards

Croco or DeadlyRoulette. I get the same message back for both of them

It works now you need to be on your main class and get noblesse from the Olympiad Manager. Thank you!

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Thank you for letting us know :heart: