Olympiad ideas

Many people love olympiad,to be honest im one of them.
And many casual players join on servers for olympiad.
I read that aqua is not olympiad server and it focus on pvp mostly.
Seems logic,cause due to many re-work/custom skills,balance on olympiad would be a little bit weird.
Let’s see what we could do to make oly more playble and spend some fun there.
I start with some ideas:

S gear only +6 max enchant
3x3 olympiad arenas
5x5 olympiad arenas
free exalted jewles for olympiad use only


Thank you for bringing this up!

I’m one of the Olympiad enjoyers myself!
First thing would be to monitor the dangerous classes,
I’m pretty sure 2-3 classes will be beyond broken right now, with all those changes.
We have a mechanic ready which will allow us to nerf or buff classes only inside the olympiad without having to change their PvP stats.

We also have a feature that might allow us to create 2x2+ competitive olympiad matches, but not sure if we need that currently.

Even tho our server doesn’t focus on the Olympiad, we would like it to be enjoyable and fun for our community!

Thank you again!


Is it possible that the 200s rush will be reduced in the Olympic Games? because the cd rush in the Olympics is essential and if it is the same the cd can be used once xd or so I think


Greetings, dear friend! :heart:

We prefer to maintain the same balance in terms of skills and their properties inside and outside Olympiad. We are already planning on lowering Rush and Rush Impact reuse. :partying_face:

If something needs a boost or nerf inside Olympiad, we prefer to boost and nerf with Olympiad PvP Damage in %

Thank you!

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