I understand that we have already passed this and at the last opening I already gave this idea, but I think it’s worth repeating, because after the opening, the administration for some reason forgot to give out the opportunity to buy nobless and participate in the Olympics. And so, the idea is the following: To give the opportunity to augment the hero’s weapon, so that it would become really useful and the fights at the Olympics were held with great excitement, but to take possession of this weapon. Prohibit the use of jewelry made with stones by raid bosses at the Olympics, because this will introduce a huge imbalance and greatly strengthen classes that need at least the usual, for example, all tanks, daggers, supports, etc. Limit the sharpening of equipment to 10 \ 6 for a more natural balance, close to the original. Such restrictions, because I really understand that no one will deal with damage caused by weapons of a particular class for a particular class here and will leave everything as it is, because such restrictions will make it possible to participate equally in olympiad to all classes and don’t cry about “I can’t punch him, he’s an OP” Although in fact, you just don’t have enough burst damage, because your opponent is not in +6, but in +8 \ 10 clothes and he just stupidly has more HP and he manages to recover after your burst.

I hope I have expressed my thoughts clearly enough. Because all this text is from the translator, unfortunately I cannot speak better. If you have any questions, we can always discuss them in Discord “podrostkovayatypost”

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Now hero weapons should have the same m/p atk as top s84 weapon with passive atk. Making hero weapon augumentable will provide to OP hero classes since they will have hero special ability and extra augument. I think its better how it is now, if u want to use some augumentation use regular weapon instead.

If u mean jewelry made with stones by raid bosses as baium, zaken etc I think they will be pretty easy accessable even for new players so I think prohibiting those jewelry is unneccesary. Another issue is the upgraded versions of epic jewels (exalted ones) could be prohibited in oly, cuz they might be much harder to get for regular player.

I agree to making enchants downgraded to 6/10 or diff values on oly.

Olympiad should show mastery in class instead of equipment check.

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Greetings, dear friends

I believe we should stick with Hero Weapons not available inside Olympiad, just like we have no Hero Skills, or it would simply mean that whoever is Hero gets to have an easier time getting Hero again.

I don’t think Exalted Epic Jewels should be banned from inside Olympiad either, as making them available inside will motivate people to join Mass PvP instead of living in a bubble, not having to do anything else beside playing Olympiad. The stats difference aren’t much but it’s noticeable enough to want to join Clans and Mass activities, which I think is really healthy for the server.

As far as the maximum enchant inside Olympiad, we don’t really know, so we’ll experiment and see what feels best and has the best balance. The +20 could also be said to motivate people just like Epic Jewels, but it might be too much of a difference in a low buff environment, as the stats enchants give are static and thus have more importance when you have lower stats

Thank you! :heart:

I did not talk about the possibility of using the hero’s weapon at the Olympics, I only suggested the possibility of augmenting this weapon, just so that this weapon would be more desirable for players. With regard to Exalted Epic Jewels, this costume jewelry will introduce a fairly high imbalance in the game, because it will strengthen only specific classes, that’s why I suggested abandoning it and leaving the usual epic jewelry, thereby it is the true skill of the game for its class, and not the equipment, that will win at the Olympics. In addition to this, I would like to add that I like several classes at the Olympics, for which I want to play and make the necessary set of costume jewelry for each, or to transfer 1 set from character to character is at least not convenient and will take quite a lot of time that could be spent on something more useful.

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I consider myself quite an experienced duelist, while playing on a series of Royal\ Aqua\Aeron servers, and many other servers, including the PTS server. I was permanently hiro with a series of 20+ and WR 90%+ I know how to behave with absolutely any classes on Olympus and quite successfully beat the majority, with some exceptions (anything happens) :slight_smile: But, at the last OBT, I ran into SE in the 20th set and Exalted Epic Jewels, and believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Initially, I said about the damage of classes, and for a reason, because I just didn’t have enough burst damage (which is strange) and at one time he just healed without problems under all the bonuses of Exalted Epic Jewels for healing, while being already very fat. Moreover, I’m not completely sure how bonuses from certain characteristics are scaled here, and for sure even AQ will increase the critical damage bonus, and this is just an unthinkable Heal and Burn for support. Well, not to mention their classes.

In fact, this is only a small part of what I could tell about the balance on the last MBT and judging by the changes described on the forum, we are waiting for a very fun beta test. I hope at least on this OBT the administration will listen to the community and will not disappear at all after the start. Let’s see =)

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Thank you for the clarification, it makes more sense now.

I think Hero weapons shouldn’t be augmentable because you lose them when you lose your Hero, and many people aren’t gonna like spending a ton of Life Stones to lose them later on. There’s also the point where Hero weapons are already the most powerful weapons in the game, even if you compare it vs +20 Elegia {PvP} STR +1 / PvP Passive, so they have their place already - they don’t need to be boosted more, in my opinion.

I’m not sure about limiting Exalted Jewels inside Olympiad, I think it’s not very important. I prefer to allow these new things into the game before preemptively limiting them. If the gear difference between exalted vs not exalted is big, we might want to limit it. If not, just let it, and motivate people to get into Epic Raid Mass PvP. That’s how I see it :slight_smile:

I think it will be fun too, so many things have changed, it’s gonna be crazy!

Thank you! :heart: