Online people

Where is the ppl?? I thought the server would have at least 600 ppl but i dont see nearly 100


Thank you for joining our forum!

Gathering 600 Players isn’t a small feat and it will take time to achieve that. Nevertheless, our server is active, especially the PvP zone, which is always buzzing with activity!

We’re constantly working on making our server better every day, and we’re quite excited about the growth we’re seeing. We’re looking forward to seeing how things evolve in the future!

Thank you again for joining our forum!


Greetings, dear friend :star2:

First of all, thank you for choosing to play on our server! :heart:

As @Hubris said, 600 players is really hard to get, but that won’t stop us. We are actively working on getting more people and making the server better every single day. We won’t stop. We believe in our own project! We are here for joy and glory. :milky_way:

Remember, we don’t lie about our numbers, but everyone else does, that’s maybe why you think 600 is a low target. Most servers have fake players and fake online numbers, we are legit.

If you are having fun ingame or see the potential, go and tell your friends! That’s the best way to grow :slight_smile:

Thank you again!