Our Client is designed for Mass PvP ⚡

Greetings, dear friends! :heart:

After a lot of time and effort, we’ve finished the work on our new client!

You can start downloading it now so that everything is ready for the Beta in just some days! :star2:

Our client is very light and has some nice hacks by default for a better gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy Mass PvP more.

For example, we’ve replaced some skills that were very heavy on the single-threaded nature of the client’s architecture affecting FPS massively, making them lightweight (95% same visual quality), but without these skills dropping those critical FPS in Mass PvP anymore! :zap:

We are proud of not using or having any DRM on our client. We’ve even removed the original DRM (it was the original and useless antibot, GameGuard), so now it runs smoothly even on Linux (something that was not possible with GameGuard enabled)! There’s many occasions where DRM on games lowers FPS drastically, and we don’t want any of that!

We’ve also added Large Address Aware support for the client. The client can now use more than 4GB RAM, so it will no longer be crashing because it’s out of memory in Mass PvP!

You can also edit the l2.ini with notepad, there’s no need to decrypt or encrypt it. Here you can change stuff like making the client border-less or increasing the default RAM usage :smirk:

Related to Mass PvP: One of the best settings you can have in any server is to limit the visual radius of skills being casted around your character. We’ve made this setting a long time ago and it makes Mass PvP so much more enjoyable!


These kind of improvements only happen because we are dedicated at giving you the best gaming experience possible, and we hope you’ll value it as much as we do :heart:

How to download and install L2Aqua Client


The easy way

  • Download and open our updater, l2aqua.exe!
  • Our updater is here to make your life easy. Just open it up, and it will simply download and install everything you need. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

If you already have the Game Installed (H5P5):

  • Download the patch and extract and overwrite all files in the main game folder.

Remember to create an account if you don’t have any!

Thank you for being part of the our community. Your support means the world to us. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

See you at the beta! :heart: