Our new Interface is here!

Greetings, dear friends :small_blue_diamond:

A long time ago in L2Devil when @Hubris (Anolvaio) had just joined the team and started doing skins in the client, I gave him an unrelated quest from which he started with 0 knowledge:

  • Expand the original Lineage 2 interface: add whatever you want that will be useful, but allow people to have a default Lineage 2 interface experience if they want to, basically don’t force new stuff or different styles on them, and add on what already exists in the original L2 interface.

Since then, he has mastered his craft and grown a passion for UI/UX design and functionality, and we are glad to present you with his work:

L2Aqua Interface

Auto Shots

  • Forget about having to manually activate the correct Soulshots, Spiritshots, or Blessed Spiritshots for every one of your weapons; and also forget about re-activating your Summons Shots every time you re-summon it!
  • Our Auto Shots interface feature takes care of all the micro-managing of Soul Shots for you, so you just focus on more important things :heart:

Auto Potions


  • Enjoy having optimal Mana Potion, Greater Healing Potion, and CP Potion management without any effort, and not wasting any space in the shortcut bar for it!
  • We don’t want you to bot, and one of the primary reasons why players were scripting in PvP was to automate their potion spamming (specially CP Potion), and now you can avoid all that hassle and enjoy the same benefits!
  • Most importantly, this creates an even and competitive field for PvP ability between players :smirk:

Auto Skill-Enchant

  • Do you know how much time you lose when mindlessly clicking the Skill Enchant button to get your character maxed? Way too much time!
  • You can now click once the button to Auto Skill Enchant, and our Interface will take care of everything for you, at lightning fast speed!
  • Enjoy getting maxed characters painlessly :slight_smile:

Auto Augment

  • Stop losing your time trying to find that one specific Augment for your class!
  • Instead, stock up on Life Stones and let our Interface take care of it :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Right Click Menu


  • When you Right Click on these elements now you get an additional shortcut menu for the most common related actions, saving you from tons of un-fun gameplay processes!

Additional Options Menu


  • See that little hammer in the bottom left corner of the Shortcut bar?
  • That’s what you want to click to toggle access of many of our configurable Interface options!




  • This is how our new Inventory looks. Personally, I love it, it makes life in L2 so much easier
  • We have added a Search Bar so you can find your items really fast! :face_holding_back_tears:
  • The enchant level of items is displayed on the item icon, as well as the quantity for stackable items
  • Inventory Macros - macros for items only, used directly and instantly by the client, switching whole armor sets INSTANTLY for maximum PvP skill display


  • Save yourself from many clicks! You can now buy any amount of items in shops, even for items that are not stackable, such as Armors and Weapons!
  • The items exchanged in the shop process can now clearly be seen, as the window is much bigger!



  • Bigger and nicer, also Right Clicking moves the whole stack, again saving you tons of time!


  • It now displays the amount of items traded, and the enchant of the item, avoiding scams!


  • Details of the item being displayed have been added to the Shift-Click action of items in Chat.
    • Enchant, PvP, SA, MasterWork, Augment, etc

Improved Tooltips


  • We’ve added lots of good visual information to Weapon and Armor tooltips!
  • You see the list of icons equipped and missing in the Armor Set, as well as its bonuses
  • Enchant details of the items for extra base P.Atk, M.Atk, P.Def, M.Def
  • It now displays unique colors for Augment, and Augment+MasterWork items
  • You get a fully compressed description of all passive skills of the item (SA, PvP, MasterWork combinations)

Macro Tooltips


  • You can now see the contents of a Macro in the Shortcut Bar and Macro Window by simply hovering your mouse over the Macro!

Party Window


  • We have replaced the old class icons with new HD ones!

Cancelled Buffs

  • Ever wonder which buffs you just lost to Cancel? Now you know!



  • Debuffs are now displayed on the target’s window!
  • This increases the visibility of the debuffs you land, so you are not stuck re-casting by mistake debuffs that have already landed.

  • The debuffs you receive have also been added here, similarly to the Cancel window, so you know what’s going on with your Stats at any moment in PvP!

Enemy Casting


  • You can now see what skills the Target is casting under the Target window!

Enemy Timers

  • You can now track all the huge and powerful buffs of enemies in this window, allowing you to have a clear view of the PvP status and to take the right important strategical decisions :sunglasses:

We hope you will enjoy our interface when playing our server!

If you have any Feedback please let us know, we’d love to improve it even more!

Thank you for being part of our community! :heart: