Problem with cubics and other feedback

Hi there and good luck once again!

  1. What we saw so far Arcana Lord and Shillen Knight (probably other classes too with cubics) have cubic glitch. Either only one of them gets summoned despite summoning all three, sometimes only two appear and if you are lucky then all will appear. There is some issue with cubics summoning, maybe its UI glitch and they dont appear but not sure.

  2. Even though in General Changes its stated that Final Servitor heals full HP, I noticed that it mostly heals only 20% and sometimes it does not heal at all ( yes I observed and did not have barrier or smth)

  3. Since some skills were reworked, can you put new descriptions instead of old one? For example I used Contristo as a blunt weapon because Zealot description is the old one still, but new description would say just use whatever melee weapon you want.


Greetings, dear friend :heart:

Fixed on next restart!

We are waiting for our balance changes to be a bit more stable, less volatile, and then we’ll edit the client. It’s planned! @Hubris will take care of it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it! :heart:

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Thank you!

Another thing,

Shillien Saint

skill1507 Lord of Vampire

  • Reuse 150s → 60s (static)

With full buff cool down is only 30sec, not 60


Thank you! :heart:

I like how it is now ingame, so… instead of applying the change, I’ve edited the description in the changelog so it’s no longer static :new_moon_with_face:

I think it’s more fun, if it’s op we can nerf it later, but it doesn’t feel op imo :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes I like it too, sounds good thanks :raised_hands:


Hey and welcome!

Yep, I can confirm that it’s in my to-do list!
Thank you for your input!

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