PvP/Farm zones

Mostly all of skills are reworked…either stats/reuse/purpose and its very nice!the ppl that will join here will join for something different,so dont use those old pvp/farm zones!use something we’ve never seen or smth we havent seen since like c4 or so!unique playstyle,unique looks,unique pvp and farm!

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I think new pvp zones could be great, but some epic old should be also in rotation. I’m thinking of wasteland, hot springs or cemetery.

The new ones should be same open areas with many obstacles like trees, rocks - similar like above mentioned.

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We pretty much have every zone as a PvP zone in the game!

If you wanna try a PvP zone on the next Alpha just let us know which one, we’ll add it for you!


These are the zones we have currently enabled. We have many more ready if we wanted to change them.

PVP Zones

  • Wasteland
  • Hot Springs
  • Elven Forest
  • Altar of Rites
  • Primeval Isle
  • Forbidden Gateway
  • Isle of Prayer (Beach)
  • Talking Island
  • Ketra

i would like to see zones like sel mahum /tezza room/freya room/antharas lair
Espeacialy sel mahum,it feels nostalgia for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sel Mahum is a great map, would love to see that in rotation, but tezza antharas lair? Those are just open areas, which will favorize archers. Freya arena has camera issues at the corners on that balconies, so I would not recommend those.

There are many zones perfect for pvping, some of them are less known, here is my list (in addition to existing ones):

  • Varka Silenos
  • Execution Ground
  • Outlaw Forest
  • Forest of the Dead
  • Beast Farm
  • Plunderous Plain
  • Crypts of Disgrace
  • Primeval Isle - jungle (you have beach only, but jungle is also nice)
  • Fantasy Isle
  • Death Pass (Dragon Valley Entrance)
  • Blazing Swamp
  • Nornil’s Cave (but outside)
  • Ancient Battleground
  • Plains of Lizardmen
  • Cruma Marshlands
  • Bee Hive
  • Ruins of Agony
  • Ruins of Despair
  • Windawood Manor
  • Abandoned Camp
  • Orc Barracks

I could add 2-3x more propositions, but for now I think there are enough options to choose :wink:


Crypts of disgrace
Talking island beach
Cursed village
Elven forest
Anghel waterfall
Windy hill
Neutral zone
Floran agricultural zone
Delivers something unique


We have changed the PvP Zone rotation to work as follows:

  • On every server restart, Wastelands (because it’s a classic) and 4 extra PvP Zones from the list are chosen for rotation.

This way, every day feels different, but also quite consistent with itself. It’s very easy to add more PvP zones to the list.

Cheers! :heart: