Raid boss in PvP Zone

How about adding some special boss on pvp zone with some extra reward?

This will encourage ppl to join zone. Boss should be announced, appear once per few zone or even in each zone and should be NON-aggressive.



We had that mechanic, but our Epic Raids will spawn more often.
That should give the people the motivation to group, and leave the PvP zone as a chill please!

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I am not sure we have understood each other correctly. I was referring to the bosses INSIDE the PvP Zone.

You are talking about some extra instance or event where boss will spawn in peace zone?

I thought Epic Raid Bosses were a completely different pair of shoes, which are at most once a day (e.g. antharas, valakas, baium).

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Thank you for the feedback :heart:

We might add this feature or something similar if there’s not enough motivation to join the PvP Zone. I think it’s better to wait and see what happens :smile:

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