Server down or?

hi is server down or just i have problem with log in

Hello , i have same problem and someone can say serv is open or down?

Greetings, dear friends

The server was opened in closed alpha (test server) for just this past weekend. We have gathered a lot of feedback and are actively working on it. We will be opening the next alpha on another weekend, we don’t know when yet.

If you have arranged GvGs we can host a tournament for all parties while the server remains inaccessible. :crossed_swords:

If you can help us and do some promotional marketing for us we can let you in too, so that you can check it out for just yourself, but you have to understand we are still building it, and things will change.

Thank you for your understanding :heart:
Best regards

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when will be the open?

Greetings, dear friend

We don’t know yet when we’ll open again. We are working on fixing all the stuff that came up in the Closed Alpha. We will probably have more Closed Alphas next, before Open Beta or Live.

Thank you!

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