Some ideas

Hello fellows, i have some ideas and i would like to discuss with everyone
I like the passion that GM team has,and i would like to help ass possible i can
-How you sound the idea for Twitch rewards? rewards like +1 stats(maybe too over power?) ehm,+20 element stats/cloak? something like x2 drop? . Im not sure about the reward,but it has too be a little bit catchy,so players will organize and stream everyday. Sounds good idea for advertise.
-Also youtube/tik tok fraps and rewards based on quality/gameplay.
-Everyday mini bosses with various drops. like interludes servers. Their pvps is based mostly on bosses.Clans will organize everytime to get some action. even mid-clans/groups. A good idea will be to reward all players that participated on boss,even if they pvped and didn’t managed to hit boss. A good atraction would be if you’ll implent improved/exalted jewles. Iff bosses drops parts for upgrade your gear,i think will attract many players.
-Tournament event. One npc and 3 options. 1X1 3X3 5X5. Open for 1 hour,Winning team get various drop,loser team half of drops.
-Maybe for future server,it sound interesting idea a concept like, seperate with stages. Maybe it will expand the lifetime of server? Stages like–>
and so on.
Something else,Talent tree,i saw that concept on a server and i really liked it

Like first tier opens in 100 pvp/2nd tier in 200 and so on. Since server has many changes on skills,the last tier is the reworked skill reward.
-Monthly calendar reward,like if you log daily,you get daily rewards and at the end of the month a various reward. That will force people to join daily to get the rewards.

Smoked a blunt and had some quick thoughts :sunglasses:
My gf just arrived,so i will update the list.
I would like to know how you guys sound some of the ideas.


Streaming will be definetly the most efficent option for advertising server, but it shouldn’t give ANY extra power. As recompensate there might be some unique visuals for them like cloak for twitch, yt or even kick ;p

Guarantee reward for participating will make raids more crowdy and fun.

Touraments are always enjoying, brings some competiton and its funny how kids flame to eachother hehe. So its good idea too, but they shouldn’t be so often.

I never played on any server with those stages and i dont think its good idea.

Talent tree? Please, serv got already custom skills, if there will be more and more it will become hard to balance that all.

Daily log reward is okish, but shouldn’t be op.

God bless you

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Greetings, dear friend :heart:

Thank you! We like it too, an we like yours too!

We will definitely reward people for promoting us, but we’ll only reward them Aqua Crystals. The amount depends on how effective it is.

As @michalek says, we can do Twitch Cloak and YouTube Cloak on top of the Aqua Crystals :slight_smile:

PS: I’m the creator of the Twitch Cloak everyone uses in their servers, it was made for Skirmish a long time ago :partying_face:

The Epic Raids system should be taking care of this need. They are automated depending on PvP, and there’s a differentiation between Small Epics and Big Epics spawning. We can adjust the spawn frequency, rewards, etc to achieve this goal.

Our Tournaments system works perfectly, we just have so many features that we don’t know where and when exactly to put it, and which rewards to give. We are reserving this feature for the future, when we clearly see how the server will benefit from it :slight_smile:

Progress stages are very cool, I like it. Maybe not for the PvP Server though, because you get maxed very fast.

Talent tree is something very cool. I think we mostly filled the need for customizing your character with our NPC Buffs differentiation, Subclass Certifications rework, and some others.

However, for us it’s more about setting up your character and being able to change it anytime, without farming, and here it seems to be a reward over time for playing. We kind of have it but not really. Also adding this on top of all our changes might make the server a bit too complex, since there’s already 92834 other ways to change your character’s stats.

I like it though, thank you for sharing, I think it’s something very cool! :heart:

We have a Daily Quest and Daily Login mechanics implemented :partying_face:

If they are not effective enough we can simply increase the rewards to achieve these goals

Really cool ideas, keep it up

Thank you! :heart:

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