SoulHound (Male = Warrior, Female = Rogue)

Greetings, dear friends

We’ve always seen the Soul Hound class as hybrid between mage and warrior, but from what we’ve learned through our experience in PvP Servers and trying to make this dream work, when combining these two styles it doesn’t really work well. Usually, players tend to focus towards either playing it as a warrior, or only as a mage, ignoring the other side.

With this rework, our main goal is to make the magic part of Soul Hounds more about debuffs instead of damage, and to make it a class that is supplemented by magic, not one that can choose between magic and physical. So, we’re moving away from magic damage and towards debuffs and utility from the magic skills.

On top of that, we are making Male Soul Hound into a predominantly Warrior class, and Female more into a Rogue class, so that they can both be unique classes with different gameplay.

Soul Hound (shared)

skill0474 Class Changes

  • -20% PvP Magic Skill Damage
  • +20% Casting Speed when using Rapier
  • +20% M.Atk when using Rapier

skill1532 Enlightenment

  • Removed

skill1436 Soul of Pain

  • Reuse 3s → 5s
  • Detarget chance 30 → 50

skill1437 Dark Flame

  • Reuse 15s → 5s
  • Slow -30% → -80%
    Note: this skill has a 5s duration

skill1511 Curse of Life Flow

  • Reuse 15s → 5s
  • Added effect: -50% HP Healing
  • Reuse (trigger) 3s → 1s
  • Healing Power (trigger) +1000 (234 → 1234)
    This skill is now an anti-heal debuff that also heals attacking targets

skill1529 Soul Web

  • Reuse 15s → 5s

Soul Hound (Male) - Warrior

image Soul Roar

  • Added

skill0917 Final Secret

  • Added

skill0483 Sword Shield

  • Upgraded to level 2

Soul Hound (Female) - Rogue

skill0484 Warp

  • Removed

skill0622 Ultimate Escape

  • Upgraded to level 2
  • Duration from 20s to 30s

Dagger Skills added to Female Soul Hound

skill0357 Focus Power

  • Added
  • Can be used with Rapier

skill0821 Shadow Step

  • Added

skill0221 Silent Move

  • Added

skill0411 Stealth

  • Added

Check changes to Shadow Step, Silent Move, Stealth here:

We’ve done our best to modernize Soul Hound into two different fun and varied classes, improving their tools and separating their gameplay styles!

Thank you for reading, we hope you like our changes! :heart:

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