Subclasses and Certification Skills

Greetings, dear friends

We really love our server, and we want to make it as good as possible. We love the idea of Subclasses, and we like to see them being used as an alternative gameplay style you can switch to on whatever character you are playing with, so that there’s no need to switch characters in order to change your class. For this to be true, Subclasses need to be as strong as your Main Class, or you put yourself at a disadvantage. We also believe that you should be able to subclass any class, without needing to make new characters :smile:


We allow complete freedom in Subclass choices, and Subclasses are as powerful as your Main Class.

You can subclass Maestro, Dominator, and even Kamaels. You can subclass similar classes, and you can subclass any race. Kamaels can also subclass other races. There’s no limitations on what you can subclass anymore.

Judicator can be a Main Class (and be played in Olympiad, and become Hero), and there’s a real separation between Female SoulHound and Male SoulHound, we treat them as 2 different classes. SoulHound Olympiad and Heroes are also separated.

Subclasses max level is 85 and can get their own Subclass Certifications, too. Subclasses also get all the Noble and Hero skills.

Subclass Certifications

We have made every Subclass Skill Certification a viable choice in order to allow as much gameplay as possible. We believe in having the power of editing your class in a meaningful way for different PvP and gameplay styles.

Subclass Certifications are available for your Main Class and also for all your Subclasses. You don’t need to create Subclasses or complete the retail quest in order to get the Certification Skills for your current class.

Classes are still restricted on what Class Ability certifications and Transformations they can get by design, for example: Phoenix Knight can not get Knight Ability - Defense (because originally, Knight classes can not subclass other Knight classes). We believe limiting the certification choices for classes is a good thing in terms of PvP Balance.

Emergent Skills

You have 6 skill levels to spend. There’s 4 skills each with 6 levels max. Each time you choose you get +1 lvl to that skill. You can distribute the levels as you see fit.

image Emergent Ability - Attack

  • +0.5% Per Level (Max +3% P.Atk)

image Emergent Ability - Defense

  • +0.5% Per Level (Max +3% P.Def)

image Emergent Ability - Empower

  • +1% Per Level (Max +6% M.Atk)

image Emergent Ability - Magic Defense

  • +0.5% Per Level (Max +3% M.Def)

Master Skills and Class Skills

You can choose 3 skills from all these. You can not choose the skills if they were not originally available to your class.

Master Skills

image Master Ability - Attack

  • +4% P.Atk

image Master Ability - Empower

  • +8% M.Atk

image Master Ability - Casting

  • +3% Casting Speed

image Master Ability - Focus

  • +60 Crit Rate

image Master Ability - Defense

  • +3% P.Def per level

image Master Ability - Magic Defense

  • +3% M.Def per level

Class Skills

image Knight Ability - Boost HP

  • +500 HP, +3% HP

image Knight Ability - Defense

  • 2% chance to trigger a +24% P.Def, +24% M.Def buff for 15 seconds when receiving damage.

image Knight Ability - Resist Critical

  • +5% Critical Damage Resist

image Enchanter Ability - Boost Mana

  • +500 MP, +3% MP

image Enchanter Ability - Mana Recovery

  • +15 MP Regeneration, +5% Clarity

image Enchanter Ability - Barrier

  • 1% chance to become invulnerable for 5 seconds when receiving damage.

image Summoner Ability - Boost HP/MP

  • +375 HP, +375 MP, +1% HP, +1% MP

image Summoner Ability - Resist Attribute

  • +100 Resist Fire, Water, Wind, Earth

image Summoner Ability - Spirit

  • 3% chance to trigger a +8% P.Atk, +8% M.Atk, +8% Attack Speed, +8% Casting Speed buff for 15 seconds when attacking or using offensive skills.

image Rogue Ability - Evasion

  • +6 Evasion

image Rogue Ability - Long Shot

  • +125/+50 Range with Bow/Crossbow

image Rogue Ability - Critical Chance

  • 3% chance to trigger a +100 Crit Rate, +10% Crit Damage buff for 15 seconds when dealing damage.

image Wizard Ability - Mana Gain

  • Increases MP Received when recharged by +200

image Wizard Ability - Mana Steal

  • 3% chance to get MP recharged by 250 when attacking or using offensive skills.

image Wizard Ability - Anti-magic

  • +100% Magic Resist

image Healer Ability - Prayer

  • Incrases heals received power by 10%

image Healer Ability - Heal

  • 4% chance to get healed by a 500 power heal when receiving damage.

image Healer Ability - Divine Protection

  • +100 Resist Holy, Dark

image Warrior Ability - Resist Trait

  • +15% Paralysis, Stun, Root, Sleep, Cancel resist

image Warrior Ability - Haste

  • 3% chance to trigger a +33% Attack Speed buff for 15 seconds when attacking.

image Warrior Ability - Boost CP

  • +1000 CP, +5% CP

Transform Skills

You have 3 skill levels to spend. There’s 7 skills with 3 levels each. Every time you choose you get +1 lvl to that skill. You can distribute the levels as you see fit. Retail restrictions apply.

image Transform Lv 1

  • 4 Hours Reuse

image Transform Lv 2

  • 2 Hours Reuse

image Transform Lv 3

  • 1 Hour Reuse

The only thing that changes when levelling up Transforms is their own reuse to transform

Transforms and Transform skills were barely used in PvP, they are mostly used for War Cry self-buff on some P.Atk classes (Archer, for example), and Ultimate Defense on Healers sometimes. It was unusual seeing people do stuff with Transforms except for these occurrences.

We have decided to look at these Transforms and rework them, making them all useful. We don’t think most of the Transforms offer much gameplay (some do), but the buffs they give to the whole party do offer a lot of gameplay, but were unusable - and that’s what we mostly focused on.

We are not meaning to make staying for a long time in Transform mode viable (except for maybe Divine Healer), we are mostly looking for you to Transform, cast some nice skills, and Transform out again. We believe playing your class is more fun than playing the Transform, but we believe that the Transform choices you have and how they change the PvP is interesting and fun.

Sacrifice Transform skills

Each Transform has a unique “Sacrifice Transform” party buff that is usable only below 30% HP or 10% MP, depending on each unique skill. These restrictions are very hard to surpass and need lots of organization to be viably used in PvP, and also it was not always worth it because some of the buffs had low stats not worth sacrificing a party member’s HP for.

We have removed all use restrictions of the Sacrifice Transform skills, and changed its bonuses if they were too weak. These skills also had a problem of being party buffs with only 300 range. We’ve changed the range to 1000 for all of them. They are now all viable and awesome to use. However, keep in mind a party member’s HP will be limited to 10% of its Max HP for a while. Sacrifice really takes a meaning here.

When any Sacrifice Transform skill is casted, the caster gets the Transform Sacrifice debuff

image Transform Sacrifice (self-debuff)

  • Lasts 300s, can not be cleansed or removed.
  • HP Limit -90% (can’t get healed above 10% HP)
  • Instantly sets your HP to 10% (instead of 1%)

image Sacrifice Warrior

  • Removed casting restriction of 30% HP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • 60s party buff, +20% P.Atk

image Sacrifice Knight

  • Removed casting restriction of 30% HP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • 60s party buff, +20% P.Def, +20% M.Def

image Sacrifice Rogue

  • Removed casting restriction of 30% HP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • 60s party buff, +25 Speed, +10 Evasion

image Sacrifice Wizard

  • Removed casting restriction of 10% MP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • 60s party buff, +40% M.Atk

image Sacrifice Summoner

  • Removed casting restriction of 10% MP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • 60s party buff, +25% Crit Damage, +50 Crit Rate

image Sacrifice Enchanter

  • Removed casting restriction of 10% MP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • 30s party buff, +10% HP, P.Atk, P.Def, M.Atk, M.Def, Attack Speed, Casting Speed, Critical Damage, +2 Accuracy, +10 Crit Rate

image Sacrifice Healer

  • Removed casting restriction of 10% MP
  • Skill Radius from 300 to 1000
  • Recovers Full HP and MP to the whole party

Other Transform skills

These skills can be used and the effect is preserved upon transforming out to your class

image War Cry (Divine Warrior)

  • Unique buff, 15% P.Atk for 60s
  • Previously, this buff was not working with War Cry or Rage buffs. We have now made this buff viable for all classes to get an advantage.

image Divine Beast (Divine Summoner)

  • image Added Servitor Share to Divine Summoner Transform
  • image Removed Summon PvP Damage Penalty

Unchanged Transform skills (already viable)

Most Transform skills that are damage or debuffs are not worth using, and we don’t plan to rework them. We want you to use just a few skills and then untransform back to your class.

Here is a list of already-viable skills you so you can keep it in mind when choosing Transforms

image Ultimate Defense (Divine Knight)

  • 30s Ultimate Defense - 3600 P.Def, 2700 M.Def, +80% Cancel Resist

image All Heal Skills (Divine Healer)

image Cleanse (Divine Healer)

image Resurrect (Divine Healer)

We hope to bring you some fun new gameplay and a new 9vs9 PvP meta, and lots of viable choices in everything related to subclasses with these changes.

Thank you for reading! :heart: