Suggestion on mages/archers/tankers

Maybe you could add warp on mages and blink like skills on archers same as on valhalla.age server is really cool and maybe some pull to tankers!

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This will not be Lineage 2 anymore. IMO adding too much custom skills, which totally change gameplay of each archetype will not bring anything good.


My suggestion is for the staff i didnt comment other bs ideas with nukes on summoners i repeat SUMMONERS and so on althought my idea is bussin so let the guys think about those, have a nice day

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Greetings, dear friend

Thank you for your feedback!

One of our objectives on increasing the Rush and Rush Impact reuse so much is so that positioning matters a lot more. In general, we don’t like teleports, specially not on big HP classes. I believe archers won’t need a blink or warp because they are fast enough and have Hamstring Shot, which lands surprisingly well.

We want to get back a bit of the the old Interlude feeling, and while we are updating the game, we don’t want to create a completely new experience. We want something that resembles the good old feeling of Lineage 2 at its prime, but adding more fun to it.

The kiting mechanics are back with those changes, and it feels great to play archer without the need of a full party. :slight_smile:

As for summoners, their nukes have rather low damage compared to nukers, I don’t think it’s a problem. They will not overlap with nukers. We see summoners as a kind of tanky class with medium damage output. It’s more so that we give players something useful they can do damage with while the summon chases targets.

Thank you again!
Best regards

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Ok then good luck with the project wont create a big response to this cuz wont change anyones mind.

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We are working on making the game fun and interesting again, and we are succeeding on doing so!

Everyone thinks different and that’s a good thing, and we hope you’ll one day login and find our vision fun too! If you do not, that’s okay too :slight_smile:

Cheers! :heart: