Summoners (Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master)

Greetings, dear friends

Summoners have always been in a tough spot in Lineage 2, not sure what role to fill because their summons were doing low damage, and the summoners didn’t have any offensive skills. This was kinda remedied with augment skills, but having to switch between many different weapons to spam different nukes is a really annoying way to play the game. We’ve simplified this, you no longer need nuke augments to play summoner, everyone gets Death Spike.

We believe they can fill a “Magic Warrior” role, where they are tanky magic users, dealing physical damage with the summon, and magical damage with Death Spike.

Shared skills

image Death Spike

  • Added to Arcana Lord, Elemental Master
  • Reuse from 1.2s to 0.6s
  • Removed +Duel route
    • Power from 114 at +30 Duel to to 88 at +30 Power
      Now all summoners have a low power nuke they can spam

image Dimension Spiral

  • Removed PvP/PvE power difference
  • Power increased to 207 (PvP Power was 98)
    This is now a strong nuke summoners can cast once in a while for a damage spike

skill1262 Transfer Pain

  • Removed +Power Route
    • Transfer % from 80% at +30 Power to 50%
      We believe 50% transfer damage is the sweet spot to make Summons and Summoners interesting, killable, and not annoying

image Final Servitor

image Seed of Darkness (New!)

  • Same as other Seed skills, but gives Dark element
  • Now has 20% chance to trigger Spirit of Darkness (trigger) when using Dark skills
  • Spirit of Darkness (trigger)
    • Mage trigger, 5 levels total, 20s duration
    • Trigger next level by using Dark skills
    • Each level grants:
      • +2% M.Atk
      • +20 Dark Element
      • +4% Chance to trigger Source of Darkness
  • Source of Darkness (Trigger effect on target)
    • Vampiric nuke effect with 33 power where 150% of the damage gets healed

All Summons

skill4267 Summon PvP Penalty

  • This is a passive skill all Summons have since ~C4
  • Depending on the level, it goes from -2% to -50%. Most summons have a -30% PvP damage penalty
  • We have completely removed this passive from all summons

skill0433 Summon Boost

  • All Summons have the following stat boosts
    • +10% PvP Damage
    • +10% PvP Defense
    • +30% Debuff resist

skill0779 Cubic boost

  • Affects all Cubics
  • Cubic M.Atk increased by x5
  • Cubics also trigger 25% faster

Arcana Lord

skill1346 Warrior Servitor

Elemental Master

skill1347 Wizard Servitor

Spectral Master

skill1333 Summon Nightshade

  • Added Healing reduction to the Summon of -50%
    Nightshade offers very high defense and good damage (surprisingly).
    We had the choice of making Nightshade a low damage tank summon, or a low healable tank summon. We believe making it low damage will make it boring and Spectral Masters will just use it as a better Reanimated Man. We made it hard to heal so that it’s risky having it and worth it sending it to autoattack.

skill1348 Assassin Servitor

We hope you’ll like playing as and against summoners in our server!

Thank you for reading :heart: