Brilliant idea to give a magic attack to all summoners!but mby you can take it a step further?:))
Elemental summoner → Hydro Blast
Arcana Lord → Prominence
Spectral Master as it is :wink:

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Hey Rhino!
Thank you for the cool idea!

Yea that sounds nice!
Visuals are important!


In the future I think we could give them both nukes: Death Spike (Summoner) and the same skill with the same stats, etc but different element - Prominence, Hydro Blast, Hurricane visual. Summoners have Mass Surrender to Fire, Water, Wind which could be useful. We might be able to create gameplay around that

Watch out balancing summoners and giving them extra custom nukes. That will make them similar to soultaker, but better in almost all cases. Originally summoners (except Spectral Master) do not have nukes for some reason.

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It will make server stand out among other uv done,skills will not be the same level as the main classes that uses them will be lower lvl or they wont be able to enchant them so they will not be mage-tank,will just replace gameplay of summoners with lots of 5 augments/macros/weapons

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Greetings, dear friends

I hope you liked our Summoner reworks!

All these reworks were live already but we didn’t post the information publicly

If you have any other feedback for Summoners, please let us know!

Cheers! :heart: