Greetings, dear friends

Since the introduction of Talismans, they have been an intriguing gameplay mechanic, offering valuable extra stats for PvP. However, we understand that their bonuses and variety were not standardized and required exact knowledge on how to play it best. Some Talismans provided similar bonuses, while others seemed completely useless, and some others were almost mandatory to use.

We’ve taken a look at this and we fixed it: we are excited to announce that we’ve completely reworked the Talisman system. The new system is now straightforward, ensuring a more effective and enjoyable experience for all.

We have deleted all the old Talismans, and introduced new ones, replacing them.

Additionally, we have extended the Talisman system to include 2 new Talisman types, acquired through PvP: Soul Talismans (Limited Time) and Stat Talismans (Permanent).

Talisman Rework


Bracelets allow you to equip Talismans, the higher grade, the more Talismans allowed. The retail limit was 4 Talismans, but the client supports up to 6 Talismans. We’ve increased this limit to 6 and removed all other Bracelets.

Now everyone can equip 6 Talismans by default.



  • You can have multiple passive Talismans equipped (not the same item)
  • You can not have multiple active buffs of the same Talisman color.

Yellow Talismans

These Talismans offer a low amount of stats and are all passive Talismans. Better than nothing.

image +2% P.Atk

image +2% P.Def

image +4% M.Atk

image +2% M.Def

image +1% Attack Speed

image +1% Casting Speed

image +2 Accuracy

image +2 Evasion

image +5 Speed

Blue Talismans

Blue Talismans take some time to cast, last 60s, and offer greater stats than Yellow ones.

image +5% P.Atk

image +5% P.Def

image +10% M.Atk

image +5% M.Def

image +3% Attack Speed

image +3% Casting Speed

image +4 Accuracy

image +4 Evasion

image +10 Speed

White Talismans

White Talismans are very fast time to cast, last 10s, and offer certain debuff invulnerability.

image Mental Invulnerability

image Stun Invulnerability

image Root Invulnerability

image Sleep Invulnerability

image Paralysis Invulnerability

image Poison Invulnerability

image Bleed Invulnerability

Black Talismans

Black Talismans are very fast to cast and remove certain debuffs.

image Full Cleanse

image Root Cleanse

image Silence Cleanse

image Poison Cleanse

image Bleed Cleanse

image Paralysis Cleanse

image Disarm Cleanse

image Slow Cleanse

Green Talismans

Green Talismasn are fast to cast and offer giant stat bonuses, but last only for 10s.

image Divine Protection: +3600 P.Def, +2700 M.Def

image Greater Healing: +1000 HP received from heals

image Physical Explosion: +30% PAtk, +15% Attack Speed

image Magical Explosion: +60% M.Atk, +15% Casting Speed

image Vampiric Rage: +40% Vampiric Rage

image Reflect Damage: +40% Reflect Damage

Red Talismans

Red Talismans last for 90s (if they have a buff) and are slow to cast.

image Maximum Clarity: -100% MP cost

image Territory Guard: +3000 Max CP, Heals 100% of CP

image Life Force: Heals 100% of HP and MP

Grey Talismans

Grey Talismans are offensive AoE debuff Talismans that take a long time to cast.

image Buff Cancel: 5 buffs

image Steal Buffs: 3 buffs

image Medusa: Petrification for 10s

Orange Talismans

Orange Talismans are a new category that was not used. We only have 1 Talisman right now because we believe it should be stacking with all other active Talismans. We might add more.

image Dash: +66 Speed for 10s

Soul Talismans

Soul Talismans are passive Talismans (like Yellow Talismans) that offer a bigger stat bonus. They are of Limited Time. They can only be obtained through PvP. This is designed as a permanent reason to always want to PvP more for more stats.

image +5% P.Atk

image +10% M.Atk

image +5% P.Def

image +5% M.Def

Stat Talismans

Stat Talismans are also acquired through PvP and are Permanent, they do not disappear with usage. It’s best to collect 1 of each to allow variety in your subclass builds.

image +1 STR
image +1 DEX
image +1 CON
image +1 WIT
image +1 INT
image +1 MEN

That’s all, we hope you liked it!

We can’t wait for you to try out the enhanced Talisman system! :star2:

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for reading! :heart: