Territory War limitations

Will the number of wards per castle be limited?

I would rather not want total domination by one clan, so it would be worth thinking about limiting the maximum number of wards per castle to, say, 3.


I totally agree 3 wards max per clan is perfect,in addition it would be good to keep balance by not allowing one clan to have same stat wards,for example if one clan takes 3 STR wards brings unbalance.Also all ppl join this clan and all others leave server,seen that happening a lot.


TW is one of the most important elements of the game for clans, so in my opinion nevertheless some reward should be there, so 3 STR wards will give a slight advantage, but not enough to dominate the opponent.

3 wards are quite popular, but limiting the gaining of specific wards based on stats is too much in my opinion. I can already see the reaction of players when they can’t get 3 STR wards - it will significantly discourage further play.


It’s already like that!
The limit is 3 wards per clan!