Thank you for being part of this journey!

Greetings, dear friends :heart:

First of all - Congratulations, everyone! :tada:

It’s been just one day since our server went live, and we hope you’re already having a blast in our new Lineage 2 PvP Server!

We’ve been hard at work fixing a few bugged events that, surprisingly, didn’t appear during the beta testing phase. Your feedback is really important, so please keep it coming! We’ve reintroduced the city and town maps for Events, and removed the other maps, solving the issue :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Clan Leaders, here’s some good news! We initially hesitated to level up clans, but a player’s petition led us to rediscover an old plugin for clan promotion which was still active, and we didn’t even know about. We’ve decided that it’s good enough for us, so now it’s official, and we’re excited to offer this feature :milky_way:

While we’re delighted to see many of you enjoying the server, we’ve also encountered a few extremely negative people towards us and the server. Most of the negative people want us to be like the others, like another average server, to change back all our unique features and just be standard and with more online players.

We wanted to thank you for your passion in defending our server, these kind of people simply don’t believe in us, but you do, and you know what’s up. This feels really great, having your work defended, having believers. We believe we are gaining more believers every single day with our constant work and effort. Thank you for standing by our side, it really means a lot to us! :heart_decoration:

Stay tuned for more updates! :star2:

Thank you again! :heart: