The Truth about AI Players in our server

Greetings, dear friends :heart:

We’ve noticed that there might be some confusion regarding our AI Players, and we want to clarify some things. Our AI Players are a unique addition to our server because no one else has them. We’ve created them ourselves over a long period of time and we are not giving them away.

Their exceptional performance can sometimes lead to misconceptions. Today, we’ll clarify everything you need to know about them.

What are AI Players?

AI Players are Player characters programmed to simulate Real Players with remarkable precision. They have the exact same stats, mechanics, and capabilities as our human players. They’re not “cheating” or using any unavailable mechanics; they’re just exceptionally skilled at using the tools available to them.

AI Player Skills

The damage dealt by our AI Players is equivalent to what you, as a human player, can achieve with the same items and skills. There are no hidden bonuses or advantages in their favor. Their skill is a testament to the amazing design and balance of our server.

Challenging the Best

AI Players are here to provide a consistent and exciting PvP experience, ensuring that you always have worthy opponents in the PvP Zone. Their high-level gameplay is designed to keep pressure on you and improve your skills. Facing them pushes you to become a better player, just like when you do normal PvP with other Players. Keep in mind that the more Real Players are in the PvP Zone, the less AI Players there will be, as there’s no need for them, and we simply want you to have an active PvP zone at all times :star2:

Transparency and Fair Play

We value transparency and fair play above all else. There are no shortcuts or “unfair advantages” given to our AI Players. They’re here to keep the PvP Zone active and challenging, just like any skilled human player would.

So, the next time you face one of our AI Players in the PvP Zone, remember that you’re engaging in a fair battle of tactics and skills. Embrace the challenge, adapt, and continue improving your abilities. After all, it’s the pursuit of excellence that makes our Lineage 2 experience truly legendary :milky_way:

Thank you for reading! :heart: