TvT zone map rotation?

I was checking Team vs Team zone yestarday there was Pagan Temple, logging today again Pagan Temple? Is there any map rotation in Team vs Team? Because it seems like its never-ending Pagan Temple. Also this map is too small for pvp, areas should be open with wide and many spawn points (similar to PvP zone maps), instead of few spawns with max 10 sec to back to place where we have died…

btw Herb of Life is a good thing there! :smiley:


Currently there is no rotation in the Team Zone, it’s Pagan’s Temple 24/7

I think it can be fun to add more maps, we will explore this in the future. I like the idea!

Thank you for the feedback :heart:

One map 24/7 sounds weak. It will definitely not encourage players to join. Especially as Pagan is not the best choice.

The best solution though would be to rotate the maps and use the maps that are on the pvp zone, but so that there are different maps in the rotation than on the pvp zone.

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Adding new zones for Team Zone is a bit more complicated than PvP Zone. I’ll try to get it done, I think you are right, it’s important to have variety here too :heart: