Understanding our design direction

Dear Lineage 2 Community,

We want to provide you with a deeper understanding of our design decisions aimed at improving the PvP experience on our server. Our objective is to create a unique and captivating gameplay environment, different from traditional retail settings. Let’s go deeper into the specific features and the reasoning behind them:

Class Balance

We have carefully edited numerous skills, resulting in a complete transformation of class balance. Some skills were reworked or removed, while others were added to align with our vision for each class. Our approach to class balance is custom, carefully designed to create a thoughtful and engaging PvP experience. We consider the role each class should play and adapt their skills accordingly.

Custom Items

To provide more variety and options, we have added some new items to the game.
We’ve introduced Exalted Jewels as Epic Jewel upgrades from Epic Raids. Additionally, we’ve entirely reworked Talismans and added new ones as power ups for an expanded gameplay experience. We have also nerfed certain overpowered items such as Elegia armors that limited diversity, and slightly boosted Vesper and Moirai armors to make them more competitive.

Macro Glitch Disabled

We have disabled the macro glitch, a hidden feature that had a significant impact on class balance, particularly for skills with short reuse times. This decision helps ensure a more balanced PvP environment and it’s also more fair to everyone, as there were many people who didn’t know about this feature. Furthermore, it alleviates the need for setting up macros for every single skill, offering a smoother and more streamlined gameplay experience.

Disabled Spiritshot Lag

We have eliminated the mechanic of spiritshot lag, where a slight delay was required before casting the next magic skill to obtain the casting speed bonus from consumed spiritshots. This change enhances gameplay fluidity by removing the need to wait or kite after every magic skill usage, ensuring a seamless combat experience.


Considering our server’s focus on PvP, we have made adjustments to the Olympiad system. Olympiad is now available for 6 hours per day just like retail, instead of 24 hours. While it remains an enjoyable and rewarding feature, it no longer holds significant power balance implications between clans, such as those seen in Castle Sieges or Epic Raids. Additionally, Hero status can be obtained through the Store, allowing for a more inclusive approach to Olympiad participation

We value your feedback and encourage your active involvement in shaping our server’s PvP balance. Your input is crucial in creating an exciting and balanced environment for all players.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our thriving community. Let’s forge a PvP experience that exceeds all expectations! :heart:

@Copyleft and @Hubris