Use our Forum! Discord is read-only

Greetings, dear friends

We are moving our community discussions to the forum as the primary platform.

This decision comes with the aim of improving our community experience, improving organization, and creating a more positive environment.

We strongly believe that by focusing our discussions on the forum, we can consolidate conversations, provide better moderation, and offer a centralized space for meaningful interactions.

  • Forum is where things happen: All discussions, threads, and community engagement will now be centered on our forum. It will be the go-to place for announcements, information exchange, and valuable feedback.

  • Discord as read-only: Discord will continue to play a vital role in receiving important updates, announcements, and notifications. However, active discussions will now be exclusively conducted on the forum.

  • Forum notifications on Discord: Our Discord bot will notify everyone on Discord whenever a new post is made on the forum. This way, you can easily stay up-to-date and click on the provided link to access the full forum post.

We believe this change will create a better experience for our entire community, and ultimately increase our online count on the server and the quality of our server.

We look forward to your active participation on the forum! :smile:

Thank you! :heart:

@Copyleft and @Hubris