Warriors (Duelist, Dreadnought, Grand Khavatari, Titan, Doombringer)

Greetings, dear friends

We believe Warriors to be a very fun class to play, and we’ve made the changes with our best intention possible. We want all Warriors to fulfill their role and be fun and viable in all kinds of PvP scenarios, including Mass PvP, and for this to be true, they require high damage, which makes them very dangerous in small PvP scenarios since they have huge HP pools. We hope we’ve found a good balance for them, and hope you enjoy the changes!

Shared Changes (all Warriors, except Doombringer)

skill0484 Rush

  • Reuse 3s → 30s

skill0793 Rush Impact

  • Reuse 20s → 200s

We want positioning and Speed to be important in the game because we believe it’s one way for players to reflect their skill and understanding of the game in PvP, and that should be rewarded. Teleporting to targets at melee range every few seconds and bursting them down lowers this importance. We’ve increased the reuse by x10 instead of completely removing it because we still want these skills to be around as they offer fun by making the fights a bit more dynamic. Warriors should be able to be killed by being kited. This does not apply to Doombringer.


We believe Duelist is one of the most loved classes in the game. We think it should be a Warrior class with very high AoE and Single Target DPS, and in most cases, the retail version of this class works wonderfully to fulfill this role. However, there’s certain things that we think we can still improve upon.

skill0008 Sonic Focus

  • Minimum casting time 500ms → 250ms
    You now charge up very fast, allowing you to recover faster from combos. It’s more worth now to use skills that consume charges, since you recover them faster.

image Sonic Mastery

  • Trigger chance: Autoattack (normal) 15% → 50%
  • Trigger chance: Autoattack (Critical!) 30% → 100%
    We believe this skill is useless and will remain mostly useless because Duelists don’t autoattack in PvP. However, in the rare case Duelists are forced to autoattack, this change will make this skill more useful. It can also be fun for PvE.

skill0261 Triple Sonic Slash

  • +50% PvP Damage
  • Reuse 5s → 8s
    TSS is supposed to be a high burst damage skill with consequences: You use 4 charges to do huge damage, nerfing your future damage. TSS was in many occasions too weak to be worth using, and it was just a way to waste charges and lose potential DPS. On top of that, it felt like TSS was too easily spammed. We’ve fixed this, now it’s worth using and has higher reuse.

skill0005 Double Sonic Slash

  • +30% PvP Damage
    Similar to TSS but for combos. It was in general not worth to use for the damage difference compared to Sonic Buster, now it’s better.

skill0009 Sonic Buster

  • Reuse 2s → 0.5s
    Since the removal of the Macro Glitch, some people might feel their Duelist gameplay was removed, which was basically pressing down F1 on targets. We understand this gameplay is fun for some people, so we’ve added it back, and now there’s no need to make a Macro for every skill you have in the bar - just press F1 without the macro setup :slight_smile:


Dreadnought isn’t more popular in Lineage 2 because of mainly 2 reasons: low damage and enemy stun resist. When your job is to do damage and stun, and you are not doing damage nor stunning, you are useless. The kit itself is very complete and playable, it’s just having wrong imbalanced values compared to the rest of classes.

Dreadnought Balance

  • +75% Physical Skill Damage
  • +20% Stun chance

We’ve added these 2 missing ingredients to the Dreadnought formula, and it’s strong once again. We’ve also changed a few things so it’s nicer to play.

skill0181 Revival

  • Removed 10% HP condition

skill0121 Battle Roar

  • This skill now always heals even if it doesn’t replace the buff (Improved Condition, etc).

skill0774 Dread Pool

  • Chance increased


We love Titan. We believe it should be the #1 highest DPS class when you have Frenzy and Zealot. We believe high damage is very fun, but you have to be receiving high damage too - the risk must be both ways. Unfortunately, High Five is generally a tanky chronicle, and Frenzy was nerfed heavily. We’ve taken care of Titan and its gameplay, and made it fun again. Some of the work on making Titan playable was nerfing Reflect and boosting Vampiric, which was covered here: General Gameplay Changes

skill0176 Frenzy

  • Requires 30% HP or less to use
    • Static bonuses
      • P.Atk +15%
      • Accuracy +6
    • HP Based bonuses (2h Sword / Blunt only)
      • At 60% HP or less: P.Atk +40%
      • At 30% HP or less: P.Atk +40% (again)
        Total 2h Sword / Blunt bonus at 30% HP: +125% P.Atk (x2.25 damage)

We have completely reworked Frenzy because since the H5 rework it was a strange mess difficult to understand completely, and not doing its job properly.

skill0139 Guts

  • Reuse 600s → 300s
    Zealot and Frenzy are both 300s reuse, so why not Guts? With this change it allows you as a Titan to switch with a lower punishment from Frenzy to Guts in case of emergency, or from Guts to Frenzy for an opportunity.

skill0420 Zealot

  • Only melee weapons benefit from offensive stats.
  • Now Critical Rate and Critical Damage works the same way for all melee weapons.
    • +50 Critical Rate
    • +50% Critical Damage

skill0536 Over the Body

Stat effects:

  • P.Atk +15%
  • Speed +10%
  • Max CP +25%
  • CP Healing received +25%
  • HP Healing received +25%
  • HP limit 25% (Seal of Limit is 30%)

Instant effects:

  • 100% CP heal
  • 75% HP damage (self)

Over the Body had 2 big problems: it was replacing Chant of Victory and Prophecies with worse stats, and required 80% CP or higher to use. It was a strange buff, usable only inside Olympiad basically.

It’s now a unique buff, and we’ve made it the ultimate low HP setup skill so you don’t need to fiddle with armor macros and Conversion weapons. You heal yourself full CP and make your HP 25% or less for the duration, and increases your stats. Now you can easily Frenzy / Guts / Zealot on demand with bonus stats on top of it. One of our favorite changes, it feels great to play.

Grand Khavatari

We believe Grand Khavatari to be a very fun class. It’s a hybrid class, meaning autoattacks and skills are both usable, and it’s very dynamic with the different totems, defining how the class is played in that moment.

By default it suffers from a few issues like autoattacks not being worth using, and only 2 Totems being usable (Ogre and Rabbit), making it much less awesome than it could be. We’ve fixed it.

skill0050 Focused Force

  • Minimum casting time 500ms → 250ms
    Same treatment and reasoning as Duelist changes for Sonic Focus

image Force Mastery

  • Trigger chance: Autoattack (normal) 15% → 50%
  • Trigger chance: Autoattack (Critical!) 30% → 100%
    We are making hybrid autoattack + skill builds absolutely awesome with this change. Autoattack, get charges, use skills, spend charges.

skill0284 Hurricane Assault

  • PvP Damage +15%

skill0081 Punch of Doom

  • Reuse 300s → 30s

skill0536 Over the Body

  • Added (with all Titan changes included)

skill0292 Bison Spirit Totem
60% HP / 30% HP (additionally):

  • P.Atk +5% / +15%
  • P.Def +5% / +15%
  • M.Def +5% / +15%
  • Attack Speed +5% / +15%
  • Critical Damage +5% / +15%
  • Critical Rate +100 / +300
  • Vampiric +2.5% / +7.5%
  • Skill Vampiric +2.5% / +7.5%
  • Accuracy +3 / +9
  • Reuse 20s.

Bison is now the ultimate low HP totem, like Frenzy for Titan, but for a lot of stats instead of only P.Atk, and with lower numbers. Bison requires 60% HP or less to use and has no bonuses above 60% HP. Bonuses are tripled again at 30% HP.

Grand Khavatari with Zealot and Bison is a killing machine. Think of it as a Frenzied Titan, but different.

skill0076 Bear Spirit Totem

  • P.Atk +40%
  • Critical Damage +40%
  • Critical Rate +100
  • Accuracy +6

Bear Totem has one job, hitting hard, but not fast.

skill0109 Ogre Spirit Totem

  • P.Atk +20%
  • P.Def +30%
  • M.Def +30%
  • Debuff Resist +30%
  • +50 HP/s
  • +50 CP/s

You won’t have the highest damage with Ogre, but you are much safer.

skill0298 Rabbit Spirit Totem

  • P.Atk +20%
  • Attack Speed +30%
  • Speed +30%
  • Evasion +12

Rabbit is now a DPS totem, it allows you to spam skills and have fast autoattacks and speed

skill0425 Hawk Spirit Totem

  • P.Atk +30%
  • Vampiric +40%
  • Skill Vampiric +40%

Hawk is now a Vampiric totem, you can use it to outlast opponents, healing yourself massively, but sacrificing some damage compared to Bear. It’s a risky gameplay style but you can be rewarded massively for it when playing it right.

skill0282skill0083 Puma and Wolf Spirit Totems
Unfortunately, these totems are hard to find a unique and viable gameplay for, and have been left retail (useless). Maybe in the future we’ll find a usecase for them? :new_moon_with_face:


Doombringer is a very viable and complete class even with no changes, but we’ve adjusted some stats so he’s more skill-based and less autoattack-based, which we believe is a more fun way to play the class. Additionally, we’ve also given it some small tweaks for more fun, and lowered its abusive mechanics.


  • Skill PvP Damage +50%
  • Autoattack PvP Damage -20%

skill0793 Rush Impact

  • PvP Damage +5% from retail (instead of +50% like all other skills)
    Spammable Rush Impact with high damage was oppressive, so we left it at almost retail damage.

skill0485 Disarm

  • Chance decreased (including +30 Chance skill route, too)

New mechanic: Re-equip disarmed weapon automatically. You no longer need a shortcut with the weapon, or search around in your inventory. When the debuff ends, your disarmed weapon will be re-equipped automatically. We understand this lowers the skill ceiling of the game of having to be fast and re-equipping your weapon manually, but we also believe this makes Doombringers more enjoyable to play against, and less annoying. This will also help people who didn’t even notice they were disarmed in the first place (Mass Disarm, etc).

skill0503 Scorn

  • Scorn now has Aggression effect (Target Lock) for 1s
  • Reuse 1s → 20s

We believe this is a small little twist for Doombringers that will allow them to be even more welcome in small parties and increases their skill ceiling.

skill0538 Final Form

  • P.Atk +100% → +80%
    The autoattack damage of all Kamaels with this buff was simply too crazy

That’s all for Warriors!

We hope you will enjoy these changes ingame, and find Lineage 2 in our server the most fun possible! :heart:

Thank you!

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